This article ranks the best CB's in the NFL so far

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  • What a joke!
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  • hawksfan515 wrote:

    Puts Browner at #6, and then doesn't even mention Sherman.

    I was mad at first, but then I looked at the comments section.... LOL

    Either that's a lot of Seahawk fans, or people know Sherman is a boss! I'm guessing the latter.

    EDIT: props to HawkScanner for finding the article, BTW. I just thought this was a good way to see how many fans Sherman has lately.

    wow is this Dolt eating crow or what? yup, he last updated it on the 14th, hilarious, wonder if he'll revise that one just a tad?

    Tillman got SCHOOLED last night, oh thats right he couldn't play last night, worried bout his wife going into labor :D ... lol

    dolts like this guy are simply an insult to the game and all it stands for..
    GO HAWKS!!!
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  • MontanaHawk05 wrote:Brandt has always been a Seahawks disliker.

    He has some kind of beef with PC. I don't know why.
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