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  • Thread of the week right here. This is some seriously in-depth stuff. I love your excel spreadsheets in hawks colors.
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  • falcongoggles wrote:Thread of the week right here. This is some seriously in-depth stuff. I love your excel spreadsheets in hawks colors.

    Thanks for all the props guys ... and yes to Ivotuk -- this one DID take hours to work on. BUT, it's more of a labor of love for me. I started the day after the Jets win gathering info ... and slowly pecked away at this one as I had time. Though I'd love to take credit for the spreadsheet colors ... those would be the default ones of the board. They obviously WOULD have been the exact colors I would have chosen though. :)

    If you've not checked out Scott's Thread ... it's definitely a must read and a confirmation of basically everything I've laid out here.
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  • Very, very well done Hawkscanner!!! I loved it. Best pre-game analysis I have seen all year. By far!
    ..[T]his team is on the verge of...tearing the rest of the NFCW a new one. By the time we get to Arizona, Clark should no longer be the mild mannered version of himself, but instead ripping off body parts and waving then wildly in the air while screaming unintelligibly and spitting fire. Ivotuk
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  • Well, Carpenter was listed as a limited participant in practice on Wednesday. That's a good sign, as they're going to need him - Solial and Starks are very effective at clogging things up the middle and collapsing the pocket. Hopefully Carpenter will be ready to go on Sunday. We'll see for sure.

    Hope you all are having a very good and Happy Thanksgiving. I just got through watching the Lions-Texans game. Sure was nice to see the Texans give the Seahawks something to be thankful for today. :th2thumbs:
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  • Miscellaneous Game Notes (11/23/12) ...

    Interesting slate of games yesterday. As a result of their loss to the Texans, the Lions have virtually eliminated themselves from Post-season contention. BUT ... don't look now -- the Redskins are a dark horse contender that could conceivably make a late season charge down the stretch.

    This just in -- RGIII is awesome. Here is an updated list of the Top 10 Performances by Rookie QB's this season ...

    2012 Top 10 Performances by Rookie Quarterbacks (sorted by QB Rating) [as of 11/23]
    QuarterbackDate/OppCompAttComp%YardsTD’sINT’sQB Rating
    1. Robert Griffin III11/18 vs. Eagles141593.3%20040158.3
    2. Robert Griffin III9/9 vs. Saints192673.1%32020139.9
    3. Russell Wilson10/14 vs. Patriots162759.3%32020133.7
    4.Robert Griffin III11/22 vs. Cowboys202871.4%31141132.6
    5. Russell Wilson11/11 vs. Jets121963.2%18820131.0
    6. Russell Wilson11/4 vs. Vikings162466.7%17330127.3
    7. Brandon Weeden9/16 vs. Bengals263770.3%32220114.9
    8. Russell Wilson9/16 vs. Cowboys152075.0%15110112.7
    9. Ryan Tannehill10/14 vs. Rams212972.4%18520112.0
    10. Robert Griffin III10/21 vs. Giants202871.4%25821108.9

    So, Wilson and RGIII are now tied ... each having 4 of the top 10 Performances this season. If RGIII continues to play with that -- given their remaining schedule, I don't preclude the possibility at all that the Redskins could get to 10 wins (it would be a long shot for sure, but not impossible by any means).

    As I mentioned in the main piece, this game is set up perfectly for Wilson to perhaps have a similar performance on Sunday to the one RGIII had yesterday. The Dolphins defense has some extremely good run defenders (i.e. Solial, Starks, Wake, and Dansby) ... and they have been very good at shutting down opposing runners all year long ... so Marshawn Lynch may have a hard time getting going in this game.

    BUT, as I mentioned before, the Dolphins secondary has been a real Achilles Heel especially of late ...

    Dolphins Passing Statistics
    CategoryDolphins Pass Defense (NFL Rank)
    Passing Yards/Game Allwd278.0 (28th)
    Passing 1st Downs Allwd145 (MOST in the NFL)
    Passes of 20 Yards+ Allwd39 (3rd WORST)

    Andrew Luck carved up this Dolphins secondary to the tune of 433 yards ... 2 TD's ... and 7 Passes of 20 Yards or More completed. Could we see a similar performance by Wilson on Sunday? He certainly displayed the long ball against the Patriots ... and given the fact that stopping the run is the Dolphins strength ... Pete Carroll will probably need the take the reins off Wilson and for the first time all season ask him to carry the team to victory.

    As I mentioned in Scott's thread, Wilson is going to have to show that he can complete some deep passes against this secondary. In their last meeting with the Jets, the Dolphins were able to tee off and send extra defenders on the blitz, as Mark Sanchez showed very clearly that he didn't have any true deep threats that the secondary needed to truly worry about. Expect the Dolphins to similarly gear up to blitz Wilson until he shows them that it's a bad idea not to do that.


    On the Injury Front ...

    Red Bryant sat out Wednesday's practice with a sore foot and is now listed as Doubtful for this game. Given that the Dolphins may make an exerted effort to try to establish the run in this game, that's not good news, especially given the fact that Brandon Mebane and Chris Clemons have really pulled a disappearing act of sorts in recent weeks.

    James Carpenter is still listed as "Questionable" for this game (Concussion) -- we'll see if the medical staff clears him to play Sunday. As the interior of that Dolphins D Line is very good, the Hawks need all the help up front that they can get. Given that he was a full participant yesterday, it looks like that will happen.

    On a positive note -- K.J. Wright looks like all systems are go for him. That may help offset Bryant's loss if he can't end up going. Clinton McDonald also looks to be healthier than he's been in awhile -- that may also help offset things as well.

    As far as the Dolphins are concerned ... looks like they'll be virtually at full strength. I'm not seeing any true significant injuries for them at this point.

    Just a few thoughts and notes with 48 Hours to go until Kickoff ...

    *Edit to Add ... for those who are thinking that Seattle could come out flat in this game (given that they are coming off a BYE and haven't played in 14 Days), consider this: the Dolphins haven't played in 10 days and are coming off 3 straight losses. Is the rust factor going to come in to play? Seattle is 4-7 in 10AM East Coast Games ... and 1-1 coming off a Bye under Pete Carroll. We'll have to see.
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  • Well, on the injury front it sure sounds like both teams are going to be at full strength with news that Red Bryant and James Carpenter were both full participants in practice today.

    For those who are curious and haven't seen a whole ton of the Dolphins this year, here is a brief sampling of what we might expect tomorrow ...

    Here are some of the defensive highlights from their Week 5 Matchup against the Bengals. Very physical defense at that point ...

    Miami Defensive Highlights (Week 5 vs. Bengals)

    Also, here is a very nice article from CBS Sports which has some good stills (Page Down on the following link), showing just how disruptive Miami's Randy Starks and Paul Soliai can be ...

    As far as the offense goes (to put it in baseball terms) though they might strike out a ton ... they are also quite capable of hitting the home run ball, as (like the Seahawks) the Dolphins also have 24 Plays that have gone for 20 Yards or more this season. Here is one of them ...

    Ryan Tannehill to Brian Hartline

    The Dolphins haven't faced a physical defense like Seattle's this season. It will be interesting to see how they will react tomorrow. Should be an interesting game for sure.
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