New Russell Wilson Music Video

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Re: New Russell Wilson Music Video
Mon Dec 03, 2012 11:25 am
  • AZRussWilsonFan wrote:How about this guy huh?????? I watched my Packers on one TV and the Seahawks-Bears on the other. Add the Badgers huge victory over Nebraska and I had the perfect football weekend.

    My video has had quite a few hits thanks probably to many of you guys so thank you. Deion Sanders was even singing it last night during NFL Networks Gameday Final show and his 21st and Prime segment he does. Then I woke up this morning and it was on's Hot Clicks.

    So to any of you who have forwarded the link to the video or told someone about it, thanks very much.

    Packers-Seahawks = NFC Championship!!!!!

    -Tim Crispy

    Funny video, good job. I did want to point out Sanders has been doing the "Russell, last name, Wilson" thing since the preseason.
    cboom wrote:Wilson is the worst QB I have seen as a Hawks fan. And I have been around long enough to see them all.
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