I bet we get flexed into SNF week 16 (49ers)

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  • Check out the schedule for week 16. The "provisional" Sunday Night game is Chargers at Jets. Neither will be a playoff contender in week 16 (I predict). Saints at Cowboys is a possibility, but other than that, I don't think there's a compelling game on the schedule. And Saints at Cowboys is one that I bet Fox "protected," meaning it can't be flexed. Maybe Giants at Ravens. But my money's on 49ers at Seahawks.
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  • Someone read my post in Hawkstorian's thread :)

    But I agree. It's definitely possible.
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  • I have my doubts. If it happens, it will be because the play off implications of a Bay Area Team trumps a New York mob thats moved on.

    There are no level playing fields. Some teams and divisions (east) are suppose to dominate the cast of extras. A financial bias comes built into the NFL Circus. The NFL is commited to maintaining the status quo.

    Just look at the decision for next Sunday >>>
    While there might be more competitive games in Week 13, the combination of market size and storylines (that’s not a Yule Log kids, it’s a dumpster fire), means all eyes will be on the NFC East.

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  • I don't think FOX protects games now for week 16 by the way. It all happens much closer to the actual date. I think when week 14 is in the books, they can protect games for week 16... and as you noted, the logical game for FOX to protect is Saints at Cowboys.

    I agree 100% that if our game has the potential to be a knock out game for us i.e. we have to win or we aren't in the playoffs OR if it has the potential to switch the NFC West around i.e. with a victory we'd move ahead of the 49ers in the division -- either of those hold, we're pretty likely to have the game flexed.

    There are some major stinker games in week 16, hadn't noticed that, and yes, there's no way the Chargers Jets game holds up, that's for sure.

    (I suppose FOX might protect Giants at Baltimore, just because those media markets are so freakin' huge, but if the Cowboys and Saints are butting heads over a playoff spot, that'll be way more meaningful.)
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  • If a division is on the line that will dictate who plays. We got flexed in 2010 and that was an epic matchup between two 6-9 powerhouses..
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  • CALIHAWK1 wrote:If a division is on the line that will dictate who plays. We got flexed in 2010 and that was an epic matchup between two 6-9 powerhouses..

    I remember Peter King explaining that that was the only game where the winner won the division and the loser was out of the playoffs (even was dubbed "The NFC West Championship Game.") All other playoff teams were either already decided or had other external factors where a team's fate could have been decided right before kickoff. (BTW, the Rams were 7-8 and we were 6-9 going into that game. Still amazing how that all transpired.)
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  • Being discussed here.

    On to week two. Week one was not a fluke!
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