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  • The Seahawks.NET Q&A with Q13 Fox Sports Director Aaron Levine
    As the Q13 FOX (Seattle) Sports Director, Aaron Levine anchors the nightly sportscasts and hosts Q It Up Sports, Seahawks Saturday Night and Seahawks Gameday pre and postgame shows. He's one of the premier journalists & Seahawks experts and he's graciously allowed us to do a .NET Q&A over the bye week.
    Here's more about Aaron:

    So what Seahawks questions do you have 12th man? Wondering about the health of KJ Wright and James Carpenter? Want to know what the plan may be for the Dolphins? Would you like to know why Stanford (Aaron's alma mater) has recently provided excellent Seahawk players including Richard Sherman and Doug Baldwin? Reply back to this topic with your question before Tuesday the 20th and he'll answer a few of them later next week.

    And be sure to watch Q13 fox every Saturday night for Seahawks Saturday Night, where Aaron features interviews with Coach Carroll, mic'ed up players (this week is Red Bryant), and Michael Robinson's "Real Rob Report". And don't miss Aaron and his team of NFL experts breaking down the Seahawks games before and after every game on Q13, the official home and broadcaster of the Seattle Seahawks.

    You can follow Aaron on twitter at @AaronQ13fox
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  • I'm worried about the run defense. After re-watching the Jets game, I saw Mebane get pushed back on a double team, Branch getting spun around so that his back was to the O-Line multiple times and then different players, Branch and Wagner, getting caught around the waist and spun to the ground.

    Is this a weakness that the Jets recognized and worked on, and is grabbing a defensive player around the mid-section and pulling them around a regular offensive tactic?

    When those plays I mentioned happened, the Jets got good yards on the ground. I'm going to watch 2 other games to see if this was happening before but would like your take on this and the run defense.
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  • Russell Wilson... what is his ceiling as a player?
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  • Are our WR concerns still big enough for a first round draft pick?
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  • Based on what we've seen this season do we need an upgrade/more depth at interior pass rush positions (a la Jason Jones / 3 Tech) or is another offensive playmaker a bigger priority?
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  • Based on the success to date and emergence of Russell Wilson do we start looking at locking up Pete and John for a longer deal to finish the job before their contracts are up?
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  • How has your perception of Pete Carroll and John Schneider changed since their hire? Or has it?

    Commentary: Your old Q13 crew of Millen and Ferness weren't real receptive out the chute which poisoned your 2010/2011 post games. That and the thorn in their side, Tarvaris Jackson.
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  • Thanks RockHawk and Aaron Levin/Q13 for the opportunity...

    I have not so much a question than a statement. That is, a feeling of knowing, confidense if you will, that this team and the quality of core players the organization has assembled in such a short time is destined for great things. Reminds me of the 78' 79' 80' Sonics.
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  • What are the challenges of miking up players or coaches? I know the whole process is a lot of work for a few seconds of audio and video, so maybe you have some anecdotes about the process.
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  • Would you trade Russell Wilson for any other quarterback in the league if the deal was to be made, say, at the end of this season. I would probably say Luck, RG III and maybe Rogers. I would say no to Brady and P. Manning based on their advanced years.

    Question 2- I'm in favor of splitting carries evenly between Lynch and Turbin for the balance of the regular season to preserve Marshawn's health for the post season. I would then lean on him as heavily as wanted for those games. Do you like this idea?

    Question 3- How do you like our chances for the postseason? Who do you think we would face in a wildcard game?

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  • Is the front office worried about potentially losing key players because they've outplayed their contracts? Something along those lines.
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  • JSeahawks wrote:Russell Wilson... what is his ceiling as a player?

    About 5'11".
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  • Of all the Seahawks blog/message board owners, is it true Mark's the best endowed? And, of all those men, whom would win in a fight?

    Rock's to humble to state it, but he played college ball AND coached the Rams and is current DC for New Orleans. So, I'd say him, but I'm a loyal creep (or stalker...tomato n tomatoh). So, I think the answers yes to both, but only you can confirm it.
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  • The only reason I clicked on this was because the last post was by pervhawk, then I see it's not. What a lame disappointment! Hey wait a sec. Does that mean "pervhawk" is available...?
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  • What backup player has the best chance to become an impact player once he gets the opportunity?
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  • Will PC pull the starters (RW, Lynch, et al) if we get into a blowout game?
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  • Thanks everyone, check back in a short while for his answers!
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