The most disappointing loss in the PC era

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  • I'll let others provide an analysis of today's game.

    All I have to say is this is the most disappointing loss in the PC era. I understand the any given Sunday angle, but this is game the Hawks desparately needed to win.

    They're getting very close to the, need to win evey game on the schedule position, which is still possible, but....
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  • I'd call the loss earlier this year to the Rams more disappointing because it has bigger division and tiebreaker implications.

    That said, there was plenty to be upset about in this one.

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  • Well.... if I were to go strictly on how I feel after games then I'd have to agree, most dissapointing game by far. This one was like a knife in the gut.

    Time to get over it (for me), s**t happens.

    not going to let our crappy road team ruin my day.
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