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Re: Bye week present
Sat Nov 17, 2012 3:12 pm
  • SeaTown81 wrote:The thing that stood out to me while watching that was just how long of passing plays many of those Wilson TD's were.

    In a recent Wilson thread, Hasselbeck or one of the Wilson poo poo-ers (trying to be nice, and not call them haters) tried downplaying Wilson's TD stats compared to Hass in the Super Bowl season, by saying that Hass didn't have as many TD's because Alexander ate up so many of them. This is true, but Alexander wasn't always running them in from 20-40 yards out. The Hawks were getting close in the red zone and going with their preferred and easier option.

    Wilson isn't stealing goal line TD's from Lynch and racking up a bunch of 5 yard TD passes. Wilson is getting more TD's than Lynch because he's throwing 30-40 yard scores. Wilson is a scoring threat from deep distance. This is a huge weapon in his arsenal. Something that I haven't seen people talk about. And something that I think he deserves a good deal of credit for. His deep ball is lower level deep ball is deadly accurate, and he's always looking down field (he doesn't flea the pocket and run close to as much as some people criticize him for). This ability makes the Hawks offense that much more potent.

    And this is especially impressive because Wilson's deep-ball accuracy was one of his biggest knocks coming out of college. It illustrates the rate at which he's growing.
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Re: Bye week present
Sat Nov 17, 2012 3:25 pm
  • Another thing. When Wilson isn't dead on with his deep balls, the ball tends to go a bit high. This is often misinterpreted by some as overthrowing his receiver. When in reality it's him putting the ball where only his guy can make a play on the ball. Ala Golden Tate's td grab vs the Jets. This plays a big factor into him not throwing a ton of INT's. When he goes deep, he's either nailing an open receiver, or he puts the ball up for a contested receiver to make a potential play, and limiting the chance the db has on the ball. This isn't something young qb's do too often. Most try to squeeze the ball into tight coverage and end up with as many picks as they do long completions. RW isn't perfect with this by any means. But what qb is? All I know is what I've seen is extremely encouraging. Especailly to see a rookie display such touch this early on. Many qb's, when they have to go deep, it's a 50-50 toss up. Not the case with Russ. And he sure isn't having a problem seeing either. ;)
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