When was the last time we were this healthy this deep....

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  • Nice topic now.....

    Were is my BAN HAMMER??????
    "When is the NFL going to start fining receivers for running routes across KAM’S MIDDLE?!?!"
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  • Hey, all I can say, is that damn Madden curse is in full form after the Megatron cover. He had only caught 1 TD or so going into this past weekend. That deal is real, and scary as hell.

    As far as this thread topic is concerned, I'm not putting any stock in it being a bad omen. I've got a keen sixth-sense about these things and I believe the context here to not be damaging. The football gods will protect us from evil.

    There have been a few bumps and bruises so far, and we did have the sore elbow from Flynn, so dues are being paid.

    However, I did do all the same stuff Montana did to make sure...
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  • Great, does anybody which animal I have to sacrifice to make sure our entire starting lineup doesn't end up on IR?
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  • HoustonHawk82 wrote:Hey, all I can say, is that damn Madden curse is in full form after the Megatron cover. He had only caught 1 TD or so going into this past weekend. That deal is real, and scary as hell.

    lol, dude has 60 catches and nearly 1000 yards with about 6 games left to go. He's doing just fine.
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  • I have refrained from ever mentioning this out loud to anyone. We all know it, but aren't brave enough to say it.

    I know, let's counter it. Carpenter, Wright, Baldwin, Thurmond, Unger and Miller have all been injured. So the team ISN'T as healthy as we thought. There, that fixed it.

    I should mention this though, last year, the Heater went down and gave Wright some playing time in which he proves himself to be a blue-chipper. Now, in Wright's absence we have another kid in Morgan out there making some plays and getting some much needed experience.

    JS/PC are really turning out to be exceptional team builders and I mean for the long haul.
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  • bigcc wrote:into the season? We could be going into week 12 with basically everyone from TC healthy, seems like we usually have several players who are gone for the year by this point..... am I right on this? Just kind of thinking out loud

    When was the last time bigcc was this healthy this close to the holidays? Seems like he usually bleeds from his ass about this time of year.

    You better go get a finger in your butt man, just to be sure you're ok.

    Amiright? Just thinking out loud over here.
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