What's wrong with Baldwin? He needs 15 back!

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  • What? He can't throw? His QB rating is crap compared to Rice and Tate!

    But seriously, the dude seems to be snake bit this year. Every time he seems on the verge of breaking out of his funk he gets another knicked up type injury. I think he needs to get 15 back to restore his rookie mojo.
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  • He got 42 yards today and had some crucial catches, I'm alright with him. And I think he came back in the game.
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  • I think he may be fibbing to pete in order to get back on the field before he is fully healthy and it is costing him.
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  • I wonder what happened to all those extra #15 Baldwin jerseys that came out of the factory but never reached store shelves? Sometimes those extra jerseys get sent to African nations. On the off chance that some of them ended up in Tanzania, we need to get one of those jerseys back. ASAP.
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