So the Jets are going to "RATTLE" RW we will see.

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Re: So the Jets are going to
Sat Nov 10, 2012 8:27 am
  • endzorn wrote:
    HawKnPeppa wrote:.

    What should we interpret from your sarcastic remarks about RW? Have you been spending a lot of time with Hasselbeck? lately? :mrgreen:

    Nothing. I love Wilson and I would snuggle his little midget bones. What I'm saying is that often people make something out of nothing.

    This is akin to an article saying, "Jets Center plans on snapping ball against Seahawks", followed immediately by a post saying, "Their Center is an idiot...doesn't he know how good Brandon Mebane is?"

    Teams try to rattle the opposing QB in every single game. Every. Single. Game. News at 11!

    I disagree!!! :sarcasm_off:
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  • If I was going up against Wilson, I'd rattle him by sending 2 or 3 on the rush and dropping everyone into coverage. Force him into making the right reads.
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  • Reaneypark wrote:If I was going up against Wilson, I'd rattle him by sending 2 or 3 on the rush and dropping everyone into coverage. Force him into making the right reads.

    If in man coverage, RW will run for the 1st down all day long.

    If in zone coverage, no pressure equates to RW being patient until one of his receivers finds a seam in the zone.

    No problema, amigo.
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  • Man...jets are a joke. All they do is talk trash and never back it up.
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Re: So the Jets are going to
Sat Nov 10, 2012 12:54 pm
  • Joey13091 wrote:Sanchez is the one who is going to get rattled

    he already is
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  • so Tebow doesn't think the CLink and 12th man will be a factor, and now this genious says the defense is going to rattle the rookie... love it, fanning the fire jets, fanning the fire.... i was hoping for a good hard fought victory, now i want it to be ugly, false starts, sacks, helmets sideways, bloodstains on the jerseys, bloody/broken noses and fingers, the whole nine... i want an all out a** whoppin now... oh and wilson to throw for 300 yrds 3 td's and run for 1 along with lynches 2 add a Hauschka field goal, that should make it around 45 to 10... i will however accept a 21 to 17 hard fought victory too... go Hawks!!!
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  • Thats not what I took out of the story, rattle him by knocking him down, hitting him, and yes cheap shotting where they can. We are in a different conference and they see us every 4 years, a little extra activity is no skin off their back, they have nothing to lose. They have been targetting players all season, some with success and some not. This may turn into a dirty game when all is said in done.

    To Be P/C or Not P/C That is the Question..........Seahawks kick Ass !!!!
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  • Jets got no type of pass rush.....dont know why they say sh** like this
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