Never been to the CLINK.. how good are these seats?

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  • I disagree that there's "not a bad seat", but those seats should be pretty decent. High up but good view.
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  • Keep in mind that's the enemy's side of the stadium, so you have to be twice as loud as the people around you, it's a rule
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  • Zebulon Dak wrote:I love high seats. This last weekend was my first experience being down in the shit, which was amazing, don't get me wrong. But I really like watching the game from up high so I can see everything. Down on the field I spent as much time watching the jumbo-tron as I did watching the actual game.

    Yep. A lot easier to see the tactical aspects of the play from up high too.
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  • Aros wrote:This is the best I could find on's 3D interactive seating chart. For some reason they didn't have JJ as a row to select so H was the closest. This is a good idea visually though...


    I don't know why you couldn't get a better view. I got this from virtual section 310, virtual row ll.

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  • Up high is way way better. My advice is avoid the aisles. People do walk up and down them a lot, particularly early in the game.
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  • Bigpumpkin wrote:Don't forget to bring along a strong set of legs. It's quite a hike up to JJ.

    And bring a strong bladder, too!
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  • LymonHawk wrote:
    Bigpumpkin wrote:Don't forget to bring along a strong set of legs. It's quite a hike up to JJ.

    And bring a strong bladder, too!

    the only downfall of being up high.. in the double letters it is a tough jaunt to make it down to pee and back during a TV timeout.. pay attention to the homie with the glove on the sideline after kickoffs/punts..

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