Official .NET Who's Going To Miami Thread.

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Official .NET Who's Going To Miami Thread.
Thu Nov 08, 2012 10:36 am
  • Alright, It's almost 2 weeks out.

    Who's going to the game in Miami?
    My Wife and I will be there and we know absolutely nobody in Florida.
    Is anyone Tailgating? We'll pitch in cash, food, liquor, whatever!
    Please let me know.

    Also, we're planning to be at the Hofbrauhaus Sunday Night after the game.

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  • i would have loved to make the cross country flight for this game and a nice little 4 day vacation to escape the rain and grey of the northwest, but looks like i will be watching the 'Hawks from the comfort of my couch sunday morning...
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  • Don't talk to any strange women while sitting at a bar before the game... ... oat-police
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  • I'll be in Vegas for the Dolphins game, so if anyone has any places to hang, let me know.
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  • Few of us off this board are doing our almost annual epic road trip to an away game. It was between Miami and Toronto.

    We chose Toronto.
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  • Tech - wife and I are flying up to Toronto for the Bills game. Would love to hook up with some Netters before...and after for the victory celebration! keep me up to date...

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  • I went to the game out there a few years back. The people are super cool at the Miami games, and they made us tailgate with them. Pretty nice stadium for being 40+ years old too. Easy in and out of parking, and plenty of places to park and tailgate.
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