N"If"L - Romo's botched snap saved us from tebow tiime

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  • That was pretty good. I liked how Tim Tebow was an allegory for Russell Wilson (made obvious by the reference to the Golden-Gate catch) and Urban Meyer was a not so subtle dig at the team hiring Pete Carroll. He had us drafting Percy Harvin #4 overall in 2009 to make fun of Carroll's unusual tendencies in the 1st round. The sad part is, if we had drafted Percy Harvin #4 overall in 2009, we would have come out way ahead.
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  • Those videos are so terrible. lol.

    By the way I love how everyone forgets there was still 1:15 left in that playoff game and we had the most clutch kicker in football (seriously, Josh Brown was freaking MONEY that year) at the time.
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