Hit or Under Duress. RW 4th Most in The NFL

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  • RichNhansom wrote:Have you ever wondered why Peyton Manning is not on IR by the second game of every season?

    Because he's really good at playing quarterback?
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  • Ah. So Wilson's the one that calls draw plays in the red zone when Beast Mode has been gashing the D.
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  • If I'm reading those PFF stats right it's basically saying that RW is the man at buying time and not taking sacks...amiright?
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  • Aku beat me to it, I was going to point out that Wilson's style is to hold the ball a long time looking for receivers, especially when extending plays with his feet. Unsurprisingly, the list of QBs who hold the ball the longest are all mobile QBs.
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  • Although our OL has looked better the past few games, I am surprised that anyone thinks that they are doing great - especially at run blocking.

    In my opinion our line is below average at run blocking - Lynch just makes them look good because he refuses to go down after a single hit. The number of times he gets hit in the backfield, yet makes significant positive yards, is unreal. Any other back and we would be moaning about our OL's run blocking.

    In my opinion our line is also average at pass blocking - RW just makes them appear better than they are. And the stats posted here prove that point to me.

    I'm certainly not saying that it is all bad. We are incrementally better when Okung isn't hurt, Carpenter is in at left guard, and Moffit is in at right guard. However, our line can't hold a candle to SF's line, and if we want to hold our own with the Niners in the future we better upgrade that right side of our line (Moffit may work, but the jury is still out on him IMHO). McQuistain and Breno should definitely remain back-ups.
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