wow.. amazing read on Bevells playcalling

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  • bellingerga wrote:So which is it.... you people say he's not the only one to blame when we critisize, but then you post how Creative he is and give him all the credit for the good. Can't have it both ways....

    For what it's worth though, this last game I thought was the best game all year as far as playcalling so I think he showed us an improvement in creativity. I loved it, so lets hope to see some more!

    It's not "all or nothing". When he calls bad games (which he has), he's open for criticism. When he calls good games (which he has), he's open for a pat on the back. There's no question he was a little off earlier this season -- and very predictable. But a part of that was the offense being out of sync with injuries, the QB circus in camp, etc.

    There are always multiple sides to a problem in the NFL. Of course the coaches are usually the first one to take the arrow, but it usually runs deeper. The offense is improving because of many aspects - longer leash for Wilson, improvement in the red zone, creative play calling, and most importantly execution - which trumps all.

    Bevell did a good job designing the game plan for the Vikings. I'd like to see him do it against the likes of SF and Chicago before I get too excited about him.
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  • themunn wrote:consistent calling (and apparent success) of QB sneaks will work like PA though, we'll go out in a sneak formation, quick slant to someone for a big gain.

    Though I don't know why we don't just snap the ball directly to Tate and ask him to leap over the O-Line

    This is probably true. We will see the same formation on a third down, and will run a big play from it.
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  • v1rotv2 wrote:Could it be that we had to wait until Wilson and other grew enough to install this complexity. I go back to what PC said "I am the one holding back the offense". He wanted to wait until the players were ready. Obviously they now are ready.

    The first game after the midway point of the season. I really don't think Bevell just got good at what he does, this is by design.

    Excellent point. I don't why people always say Bevell sucks when we lose hut he's good when we win. According to the announcers, we have the youngest starting offense in the NFL. That is why Pete was holding Bevell and Wilson back.

    Bevell was good in Minnesota and he is good here.
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  • i've been pretty hard on Bevell, looks like he's coming around and opening up the playbood more and more.. so relieved.. still think it took too long, and i still don't like the let's try not to lose mentallity as apposed to the let's win this thing... don't know if that's on him or Caroll... just wish we weren't so conservative with the lead, but maybe that's just who we are at this point.
    would like to see more play action and a little less open backfield shotgun formations, having a back in the backfield keeps them guessing.
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  • I enjoyed the read immensely. I always look forward to the next game, especially after a win, but am now looking forward to seeing what Bevell is going to do with the offense. I liked it (last week) from a competitive standpoint. Yes. It was executed and yielded points, but I found it to be extremely entertaining as well. I rarely thought that during the Holmgren era. The playcalling seemed at times unimaginative. I expect him to again change things up a bit for the Jets and produce another 30 point offensive performance.
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  • Nice write up. I remember thinking that our offense looked completely different against the Vikings than it had all season. It looked more complex, more NFL 'normal'. I think we're going to want to wait a little bit in our judgment until the next 4 games are over, but I agree with the idea that Pete might have been the one holding even Bevell back from these kinds of things, but again, we won't know that for sure until another 2 or 3 games have passed. (The Bears game will be a great test, btw.)
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  • Back to back QB sneaks when you have Marshawn Lynch is just brutal.
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  • Like others I didn't like much of the play-calling with that said

    NE - Very open game plan and downfield
    SF - look that first half is extremely agressive. If the WRs catches those balls we have 14 or 21 points in the first half against one of the best defenses in the league.!!!!! I do think that in halftime Bevell was told to tone it down as we hadn't put points on the board unfortunately that combined with the inability to get SF off the field led to a bad second half
    Detroit - attacking offense again opened up the playbook
    Minnesota - we all loved it

    So four out of 9 games - pretty darn agressive in my book. I don't think it took as long as some may think I just think many remembers the second half of the 49ers game and Bevell is judged based on that
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  • I have always thought his schemes were good but we just didn't execute - mostly because of poor QB play in the past two years and to an extent, especially this year at times, poorer receiver play.

    Offense takes much longer to get comfortable with than defense which is why our defense can turn around so quickly but the offense has been lagging. The upside to that patience is seen on the field over a long period of time. QBs who are comfortable in a system can produce at high levels for a long time even as there skills diminish - that comfort level with the schemes, personnel and play calling takes time.

    Having a rookie looking so comfortable in the system already is a great step forward and will pay dividends for years to come. I personally can't wait to see this offense grow as we add some pieces to the draft.
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  • After reviewing the tape, GREAT week for Bevell. The screens were fantastic, even back-to-back to Tate. Running out of the shotgun. The roll-outs. The Sidney Rice pass. A couple great post routes where Bevell guessed correctly on the coverage. Passing on first down. The trap to Robinson. The only thing he didn't do was pop a deep ball, but it didn't look like that was there.
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