Charley Martin waived, Tuinea released from PS

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  • NYCoug wrote:What's crazy is that he goes back down to an affordable rate in 2014 and 2015.

    I don't know if the Front Office did this to protect themselves or to potentially reward Zach for an assumed 2 great seasons or what. Should be interesting to see how it plays out with him though.

    1 million is signing bonus, and over 3 million is other bonuses. That three million could be any assortment of attainable or unattainable money that may not make it to the cap hit.

    If I am Zach I don't really want to redo my deal. It isn't his fault they made him block for two years.
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  • Yup. Which is why I think it COULD get ugly. I don't see why Zach would budge at all, considering he's done exactly what the team has asked of him to this point. He's doing his job.

    Edit: On that site it says $3.2M Misc Bonus, but if you look on the left hand side at the breakdown of what the bonuses are for, it says it's a $3M roster bonus. I'm assuming that means he gets the 3M for making the team and the .2M are the incentives? Or am I wrong here?

    Another Edit: Think I found it. Down at the bottom on the left hand side it says that he'll make a $200,000 "workout bonus" for 2013-2015. If these numbers are to be believed of course.
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