If Seattle did invest in a WR, who would he replace?

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Which starting WR would you bench (or release) so that the new guy could start?

Sidney Rice
Golden Tate
Doug Baldwin
Total votes : 94

  • oldhawkfan wrote:I just love reading posts that state we need to go get a #1 WR and maybe a speed guy, etc, like you are going to the store to fill out a shopping list. It's not that easy to just go out and get a guy to fill a hole. IMHO, WR might be one of the hardest positions to fill.

    Sure, but it's even harder to fill if you don't try ;)
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  • Sarlacc83 wrote:You know it. And no offense to kearly, but Lawyer Milloy doesn't inspire much confidence when the Patriots released Randy Moss a couple seasons after he set an NFL record, ya know?

    No offense taken. Randy Moss looked done long before they let go of him. At the time that trade went down, the general reaction was of shock that any team would give up a 3rd rounder for Moss who was clearly past his prime.

    Welker isn't there yet. The way he looks right now, he might not be there for a while. The fact that he's 32 next year makes him a risk, but if he wasn't risky he wouldn't be available in the first place. Maybe he still won't be available even considering his age. Maybe New England franchises him or locks him up.

    As far as getting WRs from other elite QBs, I'm not too worried about that. Welker was a special player before Tom Brady.
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