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  • It is not necessary to diminish and minimalize the contributions of a player to make room for the return of another.

    kearly wrote:-Marcus Trufant had a brutal missed tackle that allowed a catch and run 3rd and long conversion- which would later result in a Vikings TD. He also got burned on a play later on and committed a no-doubter DPI. Pretty much his only highlight was a fumble recovery. The broadcast said he forced it too, but to my eyes it looked like Bobby Wagner was the one who stripped it. Still, it's games like this that should make a certain roster decision easier when Thurmond is activated again.

    In the eyes of and NFL Statisticians, Marcus Trufant both forced the fumble and recovered the fumble. There were a couple of Vikings who broke tackles and made a number of Seahawk defenders miss tackles. A lot of Seahawk defenders also failed to maintain gap integrity and proper containment angles. Singling out and unloading on one player seems rather unfair. Biased perhaps? Overall, I think Marcus has had a measure of success in transitioning to a nickle back. His tackle form and technique, for the most part, has been excellent IMO. I also believe the coaching staff values the veteran maturity that CB Trufant and LB Hill bring to a young Seahawk defense.

    From a "be carefull what you wish for" perspective >> Marcus Trufant has been the coaching staffs nickle back of choice. Trufant is also the primary backup for Richard Sherman. Byron Maxwell's reoccuring hamstring injuries have derailed his development throughout his first two years. Maxwell bounces back and forth between active and inactive status as a special teams contributor.

    As for Walter Thurmond, they must handle his return just right. His "career potential" is at stake. I think there is little room for another major set back or injury. It is reasonable to anticipate that there will be definitive plan to ease him back into real game speed reps. I think we are all wishing Thurmond success on the eve of his comeback effort.
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  • Suh on the Seahawks would probably give me one of the biggest sportsgasms of my life.

    Last year I would seriously try and come up with trade ideas to get him during down time. I'd honestly love to know what it would take to get him. Whatever it is, I'd probably be willing to pay it!
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  • We can't afford Suh and keep our current team intact. Won't be able to pay our own up and comers.
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