Football Gameplan's Seahawks v Vikings Wk 9 Video Preview

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  • Might be the most solid breakdown of the season so far Em....usually there's one or two little things I can pick out to disagree with (usually just small details), but this week you seem to hit the nail on the head.

    I think I would have to add that our lack of defensive performance last week should fire the boys up at home and I can see them playing inspired defense this week.

    Wilson and Co. have continually improved a little bit each week. This is really all you can ask of a rookie qb. I couldn't agree more with the sentiment about getting Rice involved. Wilson to Rice and a lesser extent, Miller is what we need to get this passing game on track. We stuttered in the rushing attack against a very good Lions front 4 last week, but I think we should see a better performance this week.

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  • i dunno.. how long ago did you make this video? nothin in here about our wr situation.. you mention stopping the short passes but i think that should have been more of a highlight in this video.. the key to the game for the seahawks is gona be stopping percy harvin and the short passing game which the vikings accel at.. why would the vikings try and start going downfield against the back of our secondary where all our probowlers hang out.. nope.. they need to keep with the short game and the yac.

    keys to victory for seahawks this week..

    on defense this is a team that can really attack one of our biggest weaknesses on defense.. the short passing game. gona need to disrupt harvin at the line of scrimmage to mess up the timing on the short passing game.. they rely a lot on harvin to get medium chunks of yardage to get the ball up the field. with a young qb back there our lbs could likely end up with a pick or two this week if we bump him on the line as ponder will still try and throw to the spot. i dont think all day is as much of a threat to us running this week as gore was when we played the niners.. gores success was largely due to a huge game by his o line.. which vikings arent as blessed.. not to mention gore and peterson are two diff type runners.. gore is a one cut pound it guy.. a pete dances a lot which i dont think will give us as much of a problem.

    on offense, play calling play calling play calling play calling... not only do we need to get rice going early.. as we have in the past several games.. but we need to keep going to him.. not just a deep pass every 10 plays.. get him those quick outs or whatever else we need to get him the ball and keep his head in the game.. i think rice has displayed that his mental game is weak this season.. a lot of talking after games.. seen him throwing his hands up in the game.. as soon as you start to see him get frustrated from lack of catches.. his game falls off. the playbook needs to be on full display.. seahawks cant afford to lose hardly anymore games if we want a realistic chance at the playoffs.. i want to see more roll outs in the redzone.. it was used against us last week by stafford and i saw smith and a few other qbs score last week doing this as well.. we have arguably one of the best qbs for this in the league.. but we obviously havent been doing this in practice either because stafford caught the defense completely by surprise. coaches need to simply keep going with what works until the other team shows they can stop it.. then take your shots. i think sometimes were mixing it up just to mix it up and its hurting us.

    i think we take this game this week but only due to the homefield advantage.. i think ponder is going to get rattled a bit and turn the ball over. i think rw will have another good game.. despite the missing wr's he had already displayed a connection with kearse in the preseason and im liking the comments about him having the best hands on the team.
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  • We've seen enough from this team to know that it doesn't matter WHAT quarterback we go against, we are good enough at home to beat anyone. I love going against a young QB, watching our D rattle a guy into some turnovers is what it's all about.
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  • Good job and thanks Em.

    Keys to the game for the Hawks are not only 3rd down O, but more specifically 3rd down D where we have been awful.

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  • Again your breakdown is spot on, nice work man.
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