even amid dissapointment, still happy with this team

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  • This team is in year 3 and really, the first year was complete roster turnover and a lot of unknowns and the team still had a pretty solid season, despite the 7-9 record and defeating the saints in that magical game in the playoffs. during last season, there were a lot of crazy moments, and despite a lot of very inconsistent quarterback play...the hawks were a much more competitive team, for the most part....this season the potential to run through all comers is starting to show.

    As of right now the Seahawks are averaging 17.5 points per game

    their opponents are averaging only 16.75 so far....

    With the way the Offense is progressing, and even with the loss last week...I have all the faith in the world that this offense will continue to trend upwards and will look like a completely different animal from what it has been at the end of the season.

    I know there are many on here that are not happy with what they are seeing and maybe don't feel as strongly as myself and some of the other .netters that this team is on the brink of being very special. This team may not sniff that kind of potential this season, but when Carroll and Schnieder first got here, even though there was massive roster turnover...the primary focus for getting bodies in was to start setting up the defense and the run game. There were a couple of measures taken at the quarterback position, ie whitehurst and jackson...but that was only because there was not a quarterback available that our coach and gm felt they could throw all their chips on the table for.

    Pete and John really wanted to make sure that power running attack and defense were taken care of instead of just grabbing some quarterbacks and high profile skill players all over the place right off the bat. Marshawn Lynch and all of the movement with Gallery/draft picks were a concerted effort to ke in on developing a good rushing attack and this same approach was taken to the defensive side of the ball. Naturally, with the way this FO combs through the players available, a lot of resistance was forthcoming from many of us Seahawks fans because a lot of the high profile kind of moves that other teams would generally go for were not there.

    The depth on this team was not very good at all before the current regime came into town. Even though a lot of the players brought in durung the massive roster churn, the competition aspect of Carroll's philosophy allowed him to marginally improve the roster in the very first year. Even if a lot of the players were no names, a lot of them found homes because even if another player brought in is only marginally better than the one being replaced...that is still progress, and that collective approach to filling in the roster from year one helped light a fire in plenty of players. It also showed that even though there wasn't much talent available, there would be no stone unturned in the continuous quest to get better, more competitive, and push players into performing better.

    The trades to aquire Lynch, Clemons, and Washington showed shrewd evaluation of talent even in the beginning. Moves to help the Offense, Defense and Special Teams that have worked really well, and didn't require breaking the bank to get done. Sidney Rice was a bit of a gamble with the injuries, but he seems to really be coming into his own here...while not spectacular, he has been pretty solid for this team and from everything I have seen, the effort is definately there. The offensive line was addressed....even if not in the way a lot of us would have liked...they even hired one of the best o-line coaches in the league and due to circumstances out of their control, they lost that presence and the next year got Cable and Gallery. I know this only touches the surface on roster moves, but the main point is that this current regime has constantly done everything it can to improve the roster, and continues to evaluate the roster at all times in case opportunities arise to improve it.

    Currently the Seahawks have one of the nastiest defenses in the league, and is looking to be downright dominant if it gels together the way a lot of us hope it will. The running attack has been doing pretty well for most of the year...and probably by the end of this year both of those aspects of this team will be as awesome as we have all imagined they can be...

    as for quarterback this season......Many have been dissappointed by the production at this position. In every game it has been close, except for the blowout win against the cowboys. This team is set up to be able to win games like this all season long. This team is still pretty young across the board and is still playing at a pretty high level. It sucks to be on the other side of those close, nailbiting losses...for sure...but the experience this team is gaining, gaining from the types of games being played this year...they have already closed out some of those types of games this season, so they know how to make that happen...with a young nucleus of players the consistency needed to win those type of games regularly will come with experience. On offense we can see a progression there, and even though this last road game was a loss, the play of Wilson should have been enough to win the Hawks the game....but the young and still learning defense had an off week.

    No team has scored over 30 points against the Seahawks this year...Only one has gotten over 25.

    I once again bring us back to this.

    Seahawks points per game. 17.5

    Opponents points per game 16.75

    With a majority of the games coming at home the second half of the season, and with the continuous evolution of the offense, and in particular the growth of Wilson. I suspect that the former will increase and the latter will get even lower. Mistakes at key moments have lead to a .500 record at this point, but I believe that some of the issues plaguing this third down conversions by opposing offenses, and the ability of the offense to sustain drives will improve...penalties have already improved a lot in the last 3-4 weeks. even if all the deficiencies we all see are not solved this season. I believe enough will be to showcase a truly impressive team at the end of the season, and next year for sure...oh boy....

    can't wait to see how the game goes with the Vikes this sunday and the Jets next sunday and then during the bye I hope that they can get everybody back healthy and really make a strong push into the post season. I am as excited as I have ever been to be a Seahawks fan in dusty ol' Odessa, TX.
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  • Nice.

    And I'd like to thank this 2012 team for ridding us of that "soft" label. They're definitely worth the price of admission.
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  • Nice post, I agree with the optimism.

    P.S. I spent 9 years in San Angelo, so I empathize regarding the dust.
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  • I'm not disappointed- I just think my expectations got a little ahead of themselves. This IS a great team, but it will take time to come together. That plus our first 8 was brutal.
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  • Art Thiel had a great piece the other day about how the first half of the GB game created unrealistic expectations for the defense. How it's good, but not elite just yet. Possibly on it's way to elite. But not now. ... -time-yet/

    It's sort of how I feel about the entire team. Fans want this to be the year everything clicks together. But in reality that might not be til next year or the one after. I know it's hard being patient. But when you take realistic look and assessment of this team, it's age, core players, progression, etc. If you're being honest with yourself, it's a team to be on the lookout for. Not one that is a bust for not taking over the league this minute. All you need to do is read or listen to people outside of Seattle's opinions of the Hawks. Writers and analysts that pay close attention to what's going on here. They almost all say that Seattle is on the rise and building something good. But that it might be a year or two away from arriving. Heck, just look at how long it took the Niners to finally cash in on the potential that led to them being preseason division favorites year after year.

    I know no Hawks fans want to hear it. And my pal, BFS will scream at me for being a bad fan with a loser mentality. But we have to be patient. We have one of the youngest teams in the league. And we're already close to being really good. Most times teams this young REALLY struggle when getting their young players experience.

    Screw Seattle's history and the fact that as fans we're frustrated and want to win NOW! None of that should matter in how you evaluate and progress in the now. In the context of the extremely young roster we have TODAY, and how good it already is, we are in good position. Plenty of teams in this league would gladly swap rosters with us. A young talented, on the rise defense, gelling with every game, & a potential franchise qb? That's a damn good start. When building your team, you can't take the past into consideration. The fact that your team hasn't been good in a while can't make you hurry your build and can't allow you to skip steps. PC & JS have done a good job in building this D. They've likely found their qb, slowly overhauled the o-line, & have great rbs. Now all that needs to happen is for the young inexperienced players on D to mature and gell further as a unit. And on the offensive side, upgrade wr, continue to improve to o line, and allow your qb to mature and grow with his squad. When all those things are allowed to happen, we will have a MUCH better team that the one we currently have, if it were simply winning a couple more of these close games & making the playoffs.

    Fans dont want to hear it. But this team isn't elite yet. It's on it's way. And I want to see it get there. Being anxious and impatient, demanding to win NOW, and being unrealistic in a team's development, is the #1 way to see that you never make it there.
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  • I'm really happy with this team. Any disappointment comes from what might have been.
    I was hoping for 4-4 in our first 8, just thought they'd come in different games.

    No blowout losses, undefeated at home. Everythings straight so far.
    Tighten it up in the second half and we'll have a playoff team.
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  • the dissapointment part of it for me...comes after the elation at the play of the team through good portions of this seeing dominant complete seeing a team able to go round for round with anyone they have played this year, with most games coming down to the wire and just seeing how close this team has really been to being one of the best in the league thin the margin of error has been.....even though my expectations are tempered by what this team is, and the growth it still needs to go through...when these Seahawks take me right to the edge seemingly every build that hope every week..its rough. I am very thankful though that this team has what it takes to compete for a win every week...and has shown that noone is going to take them for granted, and they will be with it until the very last second on the clock has run out. If the current course stays intact and Pete and John have the time to keep going forward, which it seems Paul Allen is happy to give, I know in my heart this is going to be a very scary team to go up against for a long time.
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  • i believe that we are past the low point of the 2012 season and we are going straight up from here on out
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