Mid season "If I was the Head Coach" thread

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  • Breno Giacomini - Eiligible receiver on every play inside the red zone.
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  • I have no idea what I would do as coach, but bet yer backside I'd have a 5 Millon dollar Yacht tied up to the V-Mac
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  • I would use Bruce Irvin as more of a pass rushing LB sometimes, and start moving him around pre-snap. Give him a chance to knife through the middle instead of sending him one-on-one against Tackles who seem to be able to handle him no problem most of the time.
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  • If I was the Head Coach I'd bring back the Sprinkler TD celebration. In order to appease the football gods so that once again are offense would rein down TD's upon are enemies.
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  • If I was head coach, I would run a more uptempo run game, so the other team would be forced to stay in base sets.

    Then I'd run a ton of 2 TE sets. We could run or pass out of them, or bring 2 TEs to one side with an unbalanced line.

    The cheerleaders would be hotter, and wear less.

    I would run a bounty system where the players would get sexual favors from said cheerleader for knocking guys out of the game. Browner would be a happy man, I'm sure. Chancellor would be more aggressive again.

    THEN, I'd film the bounty rewards on the down lo and make milllions on the side.
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  • I'd involve Leon Washington more
    I'd throw it up to Sidney every now and again
    Try a few designed QB runs on 3rd and mid
    Let Golden Tate return a few punts
    Play Braylon instead of Golden Tate more often
    Make a point to get Z Miller involved more on 3rd down
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  • Curious what technique the original poster would teach for a proper pass rush?

    I'd teach the Defensive tackles to anchor in and read trap plays better. You don't go unblocked against the 49ers o line unless its by design.

    I'd also call more running plays, or at least more tight formations on 3rd and 2.
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  • I'd actually run the 2 minute offense before half with the intent to score. No more draw plays! Sorry, Leon, your ass stays on the bench.
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