NFL Rankings comments on Vikings LOL

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NFL Rankings comments on Vikings LOL
Wed Oct 31, 2012 11:37 pm
  • About the Seahawks they said "Valiant effort in Detroit, though the Seattle Seahawks' incredibly strong secondary didn't play up to its 2012 standards"

    And as to the Vikings, I hope the following is the case when they play here Sunday. :P

    "The Minnesota Vikings' offense pretty much did everything it could to give the game to the Bucs on Thursday night. Ignore the total yardage; Minnesota's offense sucked. First, Jerome Simpson fumbled, and then Adrian Peterson. Then the play calling was horrific (like running the ball on second-and-20 facing a multi-score deficit). At least the Vikings' secondary made up for it by sleepwalking through most of the game, especially in run support"


    It will be the 12th ranked team visiting the 11th ranked team. Will be interesting to see how the wise guys make their picks.
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