3 Things im worried about come sunday.

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3 Things im worried about come sunday.
Mon Oct 29, 2012 11:14 pm
  • 1- Percy Harvin catching the ball

    2- Percy Harvin running after he catches the ball

    3- Percy Harvin breaking tackles after he runs with the ball

    In all seriousness the short stuffs have been killing us and

    watching a few Viking games this year that team has surprised me and Harvin has been ballin this year. I believe he leads the NFL in all purpose yards. Yes AP is still a beast but doesn't worry me as much for whatever reason.
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Re: 3 Things im worried about come sunday.
Mon Oct 29, 2012 11:39 pm
  • Both AP and Harvin are up there among the leaders for breaking tackles/yards after contact. I just said that like I know it to be true scientifically, which is untrue. I do not know that at all. Nor do I know where to find such information. But I live in Minneapolis and I can tell you what my eyes tell me.

    1)AP is frightening to play against. He is like a turbo BeastMode. Where both play with obvious desire and a devil may care approach to the violence of the sport-AP frequently looks like an upperclassman running against kids in middle school. He will be a huge test, given our performance vs Gore.

    2)The Vikings will look to get the ball in Harvin's hands in every conceivable way. Bubble screens, crossing patterns, reverses, fly patterns, pint and kickoff returns. The guy is electric. Like DeSean Jackson but tougher. When there were rumors that he wanted out of Minnesota I was drooling at the possibility he would come to Seattle.

    3)Ponder likes to look to Kyle Rudolph in the red zone.
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  • The Hawks will:

    -Bust Rudolph's nose
    -Make Percy cry 'mercy!'
    -Make Christian "Ponder" into coverage sacks
    -Make Adrian cry out for Rocky

    That is all.
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  • HawKnPeppa wrote:The Hawks will:

    -Bust Rudolph's nose
    -Make Percy cry 'mercy!'
    -Make Christian "Ponder" into coverage sacks
    -Make Adrian cry out for Rocky

    That is all.

    a win would be pretty cool too lol
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  • I'm most concerned with Peterson up the gut, and screens.
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  • Harvin is going to be a headache for us. The only faith I have this week is that it's a home game and our defense plays much better at home. I have pretty much given up on road games this season. 8-8 and no playoffs this year. I was at the game this past Sunday. It was heartbreaking cause I know the Lions really aren't that good(minus Megatron).
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  • If we contain Peterson, we win in a rout.. if we don't.. it's going to be a lot closer than it should be.
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  • SNDavidson wrote:I'm most concerned with Peterson up the gut, and screens.

    This is what has been killing us... We need to stop all running again like early in the season.
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  • Percy will have a Boom-induced migraine after Sunday.
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  • Maybe it's false security but I simply have no fear of anybody in Century Link. This team of ours plays on a whole other level when they are at home.
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  • The Hawks put a lot of pressure on themselves at home,...we have to win out at home because we are so awful on the road, wiggle room at home for an off day and a loss,...
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  • That's my fear: we play so poorly on the road, that we have to be perfect at home. It's hard to expect perfection....
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  • My biggest fear... That this team puts too much pressure on themselves to win this game, which leads to stupid penalties, drops, missed assignments and missed tackles. If you look at our schedule... This team performs poorly in games they're under a lot of pressure to win.

    Arizona - The Hawks were expected to win that game and their was a lot of pressure on the team to win that game. We should've won that game, but the entire team came out flat and made the Cardinals actually look like a contender before they were exposed.
    St. Louis - Hawks were expected to win against St. Louis and they came out flat. Our offense made the Rams average defense look like a top 10 defense and our defense was not on top of their game.
    San Fran - Hawks were under pressure to win against the rival and take the lead in the division. Our passing game and run defense fell apart due to mental errors; such as missed assignments, missed tackles, dropped passes and drive killing penalties.
    At Detroit - Expected to win that game and our defense came out flat. Stafford had a breakout game against our secondary after performing poorly for the majority of the season.

    The games we won
    Green Bay - Not expected to win and under no pressure to win against Green Bay.
    New England - Not expected to win and under no pressure to win against New England
    At Carolina - Weren't expected to win against Carolina in Carolina, but the Hawks played solid mistake free football and won the game.
    Dallas - Weren't expected to win against Dallas and the entire team played great football.

    This week we're facing a Vikings team at home that our team is under a lot of pressure to win, so we can maintain a winning record and try keeping pace for a playoff spot. Based on the games we've played so far, I see this being a real tough game for the Hawks to win. This team has to get better at playing under pressure and winning games they're pressured to win. I'm hoping our staff is seeing the trend here and tries to minimize the pressure the players and fans are putting on themselves to win this game. I just want to see our guys come out, get in a comfort zone, establish a rhythm and play some solid mistake free football. While the Hawks are under a lot of pressure to win, I'd like to see the Hawks play like they're not under any pressure to win, as they seem to perform better under those circumstances.
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  • And here's an amazing idea, PUNT THE DAMN BALL OUT OF BOUNDS! Not sure why we always seem to punt to guys who clearly can do major damage. There's no reason to not punt out of bounds. Guys like Harvin, Hester, Ginn etc. can flat out kill a team, especially in the 4th quarter. Just seems incredibly stupid to punt to a guy that dangerous when you could easily just punt it out of bounds. OR, punt it so high, he has no choice other than a fair catch.
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  • Well, Harvin in the slot, running under coverage.
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