pete admits he gets too excited during the game "competing"

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  • Sgt. Largent wrote:
    djb28 wrote:I think Harbaugh is Juvenile and Pete doesn't come close to that fool.

    I bet if you asked SF fans who's more annoying, they'd say Carroll. Annoying is in the eye of the fan.

    My opinion is they're both annoying and unprofessional when they're carrying on during games. At least Carroll isn't malicious, but I still roll my eyes when I see him sprinting down the sidelines hugging and kissing everyone like his kid just hit a home run in a Babe Ruth baseball game.

    This pretty much nails what I think Niner fans think of Pete. As a Niner fan, even I can see Harbaugh gets carried away on the sidelines. But, if he continues to produce wins, then I don't give a crap.

    I have a feeling most fans feel that way about their coach.
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