All TD passes against us today were on 3rd down

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  • Uffda wrote:The past few weeks .... When I see a 3rd and 10+ ... I think oh crap not again, and again and again and again ...

    Me and you aren't the only ones :(
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  • The first touchdown was a regrettable breakdown in coverage against a speedy Titus Young, but not generally the kind of breakdown this defense has often committed. Usually we make offenses work for their touchdowns.

    Stafford's touchdown run was just a balls-out play, plus a breakdown of containment from one guy on the defense (not the whole damn unit).

    His final play was just a quick boom-boom needle-threading on good coverage by Browner, very difficult for anyone to defend.
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  • hawksfan515 wrote:The good thing is though, a poster here mentioned a football outsiders article posted a few years ago. It stated that if an offense or defense cannot succeed on the 1st two downs, but has great success on third down, then it is soon going to decline greatly, and if an offense or defense has success on the 1st two downs but struggles on third down, they are on the brink of great success.

    I'm still wondering where the leak is though. Is it Trufant? I hope so, cause Thurmond is the patch in that case.

    Is it Hill? If so, then the draft is the most likely patch.

    Is it Wagner? Then experience is most likely the patch.

    Is it Wright? I don't know what the patch is if it's Wright.

    Is it our D-line? The patch is the draft then.

    Is it Browner? The draft or depth is the patch.

    I really hope it's Trufants fault. Someone go figure out!

    I believe that 3rd and 11 TD bomb to Titus Young was on Sherman. I know people want to make Tru the next whipping boy, but this one was purely on Sherman.
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