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  • Finally over!!!! Again I live in long island and am 1/4 mile from the water. It was a sick storm. Just got my power back tonight from Monday. Still have tons of trees down and the lines to get gas stretch 1/2 mile. Slept with no heat last night and saw my breath in front of me while still in bed. You don't know what you have until you don't have it (maybe like the bowl for us Hawks fans). Well time to defrost, get the power lines off my driveway and fix my pool. Thanks for everyone's support.

    Go Hawks!!!!!
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  • Glad you made it thru it ok. When I lived in Seattle in 2006 or 07 we had basically a hurricane. The power was out for over 7 days at our place and after the storm it got down in the teens at night.

    I kinda know what you are going thru.

    Hang in there bro !!!!
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