Some good news (just looked at the standings)

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  • I will be pulling for Arizona to upset San Francisco tomorrow night. I, for one, am still interested n a shot at the NFCWest title.
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  • bestfightstory wrote:I will be pulling for Arizona to upset San Francisco tomorrow night. I, for one, am still interested n a shot at the NFCWest title.

    Amen brother, just started a thread on that very subject.
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  • bestfightstory wrote:I will be pulling for Arizona to upset San Francisco tomorrow night. I, for one, am still interested n a shot at the NFCWest title.

    Me too. I want to see if all NFCW teams can go undefeated at home in division games.
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  • I going to have to side with the realistic crowd as far as there are no gimmie games in the NFL. Also I am seriously worried about this defense. Good news is that it seems RW is coming along nicely.
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  • One thing not pointed out is the fact that of the NFC North still has 10 more games against each other and also has 7 more games against the NFC West. There are a lot of losses still out there for the teams competing for playoff spots - the two divisions "likely" to field the wildcard teams.

    We are only one game off of pace of the wild-card. And if Arizona can SOME WAY find a win against SF tonight, we are only one off the pace for the division. Tonight's game will basically determine if the division is in or out of sight. However, it would inject Arizona with that wild-card "edge."
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  • JSeahawks wrote:I'm still fairly confident we make the playoffs this year. its not a slam dunk, but i think its likely.

    What exactly have you seen that gives you this much confidence? Other than the Dallas game, this team hasn't put together another complete performance with all aspects.....offense, defense and special teams.

    Hell, we can't even beat a one dimensional 2-4 Detroit team, I have no faith that we can make the playoffs. I see 8-8, or 9-7 at best..........and that ain't cuttin' it in the NFC this year.
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  • The Radish wrote:What we need to do is stop this bullshit of looking at a schedule and saying "we win these, and not those". How dumb!

    What everyone needs to do is worry about the next game. Because if we don't win the next game your scenerio is tipped over.

    You also need to stop with the "we should" win this or that. Why? Cause you hate their stats? cause they have key people out hurt?

    Play them as you get to them,,,not before.


    Stats don't = wins. All that count in this league is wins and that is all. We have a tuff schedule ahead and have lost to all of our division teams already.
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  • SharkHawk wrote:We'll get to the playoffs and the other team will go into victory formation on first and second down. Then they'll have a 3rd and 20 each drive and win 100-0.

    our 3rd down D and 3rd down O both suck -
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  • O is actually improving though. D is getting worse.
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