Why our 3rd and long defense is about to get a lot better

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  • peachesenregalia wrote:
    Sgt. Largent wrote:
    peachesenregalia wrote:1. It is you, otherwise what's the point?

    2. The 'dummy' looks very real to these eyes. It's maybe a smidge too tall to be pehawk, but that makes it all the more outrageous, since it appears to be a child. even if it IS a dummy, it still looks like a child. Still not cool.

    Are you this anal retentive in real life?

    I hate Tim Tebow, so I find the costume hilarious. Whether it appeals to you is of no concern to me. Now this is where we move on with our lives.

    It's got nothing to do with appeal, and more about my concerns regarding child abuse/pehawk.

    I bet you're one of those parents that makes the entire school cancel Halloween or Christmas because your kid has a peanut allergy or protested no religion in schools.
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  • I'll bet you're a Glasgow Celtic FC fan. Big Jock Knew.
    There was this monkey, right?
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  • Our D disappointed me yesterday. However, I am enjoying this season so much. It's a great group of talented guys who are just going to get better.
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