Damn you downers

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Damn you downers
Sun Oct 28, 2012 12:56 pm
  • We lost to a team that is and has been built up, they have talent and have shot themselves in the foot over this season. Just because they are named the Lions many seem to feel this was a gimme win. The line of wins and losses is very fine in the NFL. Take any team and give them a motivation or a in and they can take a win from you.

    Those of you bitching and moaning are not looking at the whole picture, we looked better on offense, the play book is opening up and were using more of our weapons. Wilson is beginning to look more NFL QB then Rookie QB.

    The defense gave up some stuff, but then again the Lions have a potent offense as well.

    Many seem to beleive that just because the Uniforms look cool the team in them is good mentality, many new bandwagoneers and headline readers are stinking shit up with the whoa is me threads we suck , were terrible, we can't do anything, cut this player, cut that player, fire the coach.

    This isn't Madden guys, this isn't Fantasy Football, this isn't Battleship, Monopoly, or Checkers. It's the NFL where weird stuff happens everyweek, where teams can appear out of no where and take a run at the Superbowl.

    Anyone that thought we would be top of the heap with a Rookie QB was wearing rose colored glasses, were good but not in top tier yet.

    We are still expanding our offense, were still learning how to win, our defense has to get back to playing instead of reading headlines and making them on days were not playing games. We have to learn that no matter who's stadium that were in thet an expectation is there not only by our team but in general that the Seahawks are going to win if we don't have our A game and catch a few breaks.

    That is what took a while under Holmgren, learning how to win and making the opposition question themselves in the area of can we win.

    Just as many of you beleive that NE and or the Packers were all but given a W when they came to town we need to make others think that way as a team. Were not there yet. But were creeping up that ladder a bit more every week. I'm watching the growth, enjoying the wins when we get them, not being to critical on the losses, just marking incidents that I look to see we fix and correct going forward as signs of improvement.

    Were getting there, trouble is now that were a good team, the fixes get more and more difficult to detect and or diagnose between players, coaching and schemes.

    It will be fine, the climb were making has been huge to date, just look back not so long ago, we have the habit of being impatient as fans, take a step back and see the bigger picture sometimes and the road we have traveled and you can appreciate things for where we are a bit easier.

    To Be P/C or Not P/C That is the Question..........Seahawks kick Ass !!!!
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