Seahawks + Dawgs - USC= mediocrity

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Seahawks + Dawgs - USC= mediocrity
Sun Oct 28, 2012 12:53 pm
  • Both coaches have been forced to actually coach a team not made up of the best recruits in the country. That, IMO, has forced both coaches to play safe, almost vanilla, offense because it doesn't appear either coach makes their players better. They got top-tier recruits at SC and won with them.

    They win at home because they have the 12th man and are basically decent teams. It appears both players and coaches lose confidence when on the road, largely because both coaches refuse to play to win, both play not to lose.

    Yes, I understand the Dawgs, and the Hawks have had uncertainties on the Oline. Both have also showed flashes of brilliance on the D side. Both coaches are somewhere in the vacinity of .500 since their arrival. Unsure where I'm going with this but the similarities are hard to ignore, if not eerie.

    I'm sure others can point out even more consistantly, inconsistant comparables in regards to these two teams, but it all starts with coaching, and while I am 100% down with what Pete has done with this Hawk Defense, I am starting to wonder if he (or Sark) can take us to the next level without all stars across the board.
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