Just so we're clear - Lions are the #4 Offense

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  • SalishHawkFan wrote:
    kearly wrote:Matt Stafford had a GREAT game. Our defense didn't play it's very best, but that was arguably the best QB performance against us all year, IMO. He was feeling pressure, buying time, finding targets, and was unbelievably efficient on 3rd down. He made some really tough throws look routine.

    Just like Kolb, just like Brady, just like Bradford....seeing a pattern here? It's not that the QB's had great games, it's that our defense ALLOWED them to have great games.

    Bradford had a great game? If Wilson had put up Bradford's stats in a win, you'd have launched at least 3 threads about starting Flynn.
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  • Just so we're clear - Dolphins were the #29 offense. So tired of the excuses made for the defense after every other choke job this year (Arizona, Detroit). There are no excuses to be made today. The reality is, this defense is extremely overrated.
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  • Yeah I think the excuse of playing the sneaky-good offense on the road has been killed dead and trampled and lit on fire today.

    Could be Stafford, could be Tannehill, could be Kolb, could be literally anyone, our defense will make them look like Montana on the road.
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  • Careful - calling it like it is will get you scorned around here. It's better if you post how wonderful everything is...the softies like it better when you throw roses.

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