This season is over. No way in hell we make the playoffs now

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  • why didnt sea blitz wagner up the middle anymore? hell he cant play zone so at least use him for something
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  • The reality is we are 4-4 and 0-3 in the division. This is bad. I would feel way more confident if we won all of out games in division and lost to the pats gb and panthers and won all division games.
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  • We're still a very young team, I'm not concerned at all

    Calm down you bandwagon hoppers, if this is what makes you crumble I suggest you root for someone else

    We'll be fine
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  • Well crap, I hate to remind of this but our offensive success today *also* goes hand in hand with the fact that we're playing a 22 ranked DET D.
    I love seeing the points and O improvement (much needed) but we also should buffer it with some of these realities.

    But quitting now? Nobody recalls the kingdome years?
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  • If people want to quit and give up on the team Im sure Atlanta or Houston could use fans. Don't let the door hit you on the way out.
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  • This is what happens when you exit the bandwagon too quickly.

    World Champion Seattle Seahawks football. It's an addiction, and there is no cure.
    Les Norton - gone but never forgotten. Rest in blue and green peace, my friend.
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  • To make the playoffs we need to go 6-2...can happen, but odds are against us. We lose a lot of the tiebreakers but can earn them back with the wins we should get against our divison.
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  • Zebulon Dak wrote:If you're giving up on the season at the halfway point you're a pussy.

    I agree with Zeb. Go ahead and jump off the bandwagon bitches.
    Hey NFL Teams..........Enjoy your offseason
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