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  • Hawken-Dazs wrote:Reading an overreaction thread five days later makes me sick to my stomach. Pessimist fans remind me of annoying hippies who whine and complain about policies and government, but don't do anything to make the situation better.

    I prefer hearing delusional homers over whining pessimists anyday.

    I don't know. Pessimist fans come out of the woodwork after a loss, but they can just as easily be cheered up.

    delusional homers ruin the board for me, however, because anytime you try to have any critical analysis of the team or individual players they get all rabid and fanboy and attack the poster and make intelligent debate impossible. Said intelligent debate being my whole reason for wanting to come here, I find them even worse.

    At least the pessimists want to find reasons to cheer. the delusional homers just want to outshout anything they don't want to hear.
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  • what are you people talking about? We have Russell Wilson! He told god to only make him 5'10 so the other team would have a chance ! C'mon we are starting a dynasty here ! ALL IN YO ! :179422:
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  • Zebulon Dak wrote:Nancies.

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  • Seahwkgal wrote:
    Zebulon Dak wrote:Nancies.


    Nancys? I dunno. Help me.
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  • Zebulon Dak wrote:
    Seahwkgal wrote:
    Zebulon Dak wrote:Nancies.


    Nancys? I dunno. Help me.

    Obviously, it's Nancy's
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