Adapt to and Overcome Strategy for the Edwards Situation

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  • I've been thinking through this quite a bit this morning. What would I do if I were Bevell and looking to deal with Edwards's absence. Here is what I'm thinking ...

    Instead of trying to fit a square peg in to a round hole ... I'd go with more 2 TE and even 3 TE sets (with Rice being the single receiver flanked out in those sets). With a Lions team that's certainly going to be stacking the line to stop Lynch -- that would certainly help with the push up front for the running game. AND with Deandre Levy not playing (or severely hobbled even if he did) ... that would certainly be a boon towards attacking the middle of their defense, as their secondary is also pretty banged up. Just a thought.
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  • We have got to get receivers that can catch the ball consistently. Guys that won't give up on routes too.
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