Movie of the week starring Richard Sherman as Optimus Prime:

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  • RolandDeschain wrote:
    kearly wrote:That is too awesome. I almost hope that people still call him Optimus Prime after this game. I don't know why, but it fits for some reason.
    I felt the same way as soon as I saw it. Optimus Prime is a mofo'in BADASS name for him.

    I reckon it'd stick if we were Divisional Rivals who played each other twice a year. Alas it'll probably be a one off.

    Shame, Primetime move over, this is Optimus Prime Time.

    Autobots ROLL OUT
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  • I hope this becomes a thing with him, this tweaking his nickname/Twitter handle, whatever, to match his key opponent for the week. A lot of diva receivers have nicknames, or special quirks, dances, or whatever. It'd be awesome to see him tweak his pre-game game to match.
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  • Hey, the guy backs it up, so bring it on. I would like to think he'd be man enough to admit it if a guy got the best of him. Calvin is not someone you can shut down, you can slow him down. They do that, we win this game.
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  • Go Optimus Prime! I hope it's more of a quick battle like in the third one than the long, drawn out fights in the 1st and 2nd movies...
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  • it's official, Sherm's my favorite player now, just edging out MR and Clemons..... i love his confidence, which absolutely effects his teamates in a positive way... just shows you they believe in themselves now... i love it...
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  • Yeah, I agree with you, Hawker; I think Sherman's officially my favorite Seahawk. His personality is awesome, and he backs it on the field. I hope he picks off a good pass attempt at Megatron.
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  • Nice bulletin board material. I know he wanted the limelight for the defense but seems more of it is going toward him. Back it up Sherman.

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    #Lions Raiola on #Seahawks Richard Sherman, aka Optimus Prime: '... That’s how he is on the field, who knows, whatever, (eff) him.'

    Reminds me of the Redskins game. Talking head then get butt handed to us. I know, I am the get off my lawn kind of dude so I will just shut my pie-hole and hope I don't have to read about him getting light up (Rams game anyone?).
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  • I was browsing the scout site for Detroit and found this gem in regards to Sherm; "If this guy was on OUR team, most of us would have his name tatoo'd on our arms. And deep down, we ALL know it."
    They were talking about Optimus Prime. I could feel their frustration at their own secondary there.
    Generally though, Lions fans are pretty cool.
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  • Calvin Johnson could not care less about Sherm's name change....but it makes things entertaining. I highly doubt he sat there and said.... WTF...he thinks he is Optimus Prime...Im going to go out and destroy that autobot. Its fun, but the media cares more about it then Johnson does.
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