Carroll Vs Harbaugh

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Re: Carroll Vs Harbaugh
Sun Oct 21, 2012 6:54 pm
  • How many QB's did Pete put in the NFL? How many players overall? Remember he didn't take over a recruiting power house he built one.

    Harbaugh had Luck in college and landed on an obviously talent loaded Niners team, so the theory about long term success is a very valid one.

    Honestly Harbaugh reminds me alot of Jim Mora and I think we will see that side when the going gets tough and like any NFL team, the going will get tough and that is when your real grit shows through.
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Re: Carroll Vs Harbaugh
Sun Oct 21, 2012 7:08 pm
  • Young2Rice wrote:
    endzorn wrote:
    SoHo9erFan wrote:People on here dig Harbaugh for not growing and nurturing the talent on the 49ers, but, it was actually Harbaugh who built a dynast for a football program that has to recruit players with the academic achievements required at Stanford. Harbaugh was the one who made a better team despite the very transparent limitations that Stanford suffers in comparison to USC

    I think Harbaugh is a helluva coach, but let's be honest...if he doesn't recruit Luck he probably isn't the coach of the 49ers right now.

    If Carrol doesn't commit multiple recruiting violations at USC, illegally amassing an unprecedented amount of talent, he's probably not in the NFL either, honestly.

    That's good. Shows initiative. You won't find me on other fans' message boards defending him either because I don't give a shit what you clowns think of him. You Harbaugh groupies keep on fighting his fight for him...I'm sure he appreciates it.
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