Couple Days later and loss stings less

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Couple Days later and loss stings less
Fri Oct 19, 2012 10:25 pm
  • Have had some time to relax..stayed away from the web and message boards..good thing is we have the weekend to relax without football (at least seahawks related) until next Sunday and maybe we can all catch up on other enjoy family, work, homework, chores, repairs, etc. I'll try not to rehash stuff that's already been said, but I'm glad it was said here as iit helped me calm down after this game

    1.) I really wanted this game. More than any one. Its easy to say that now of course after the three wins we pocketed that we were supposed to lose, but its true. When the schedule came out, that's the first one I looked for. Even before all the other games we had out of the division, I wanted to see when we would get our rematch.

    2.) We gotta stop with this wilson bashing. Kid is a rookie, and an absolute beast. No one can deny his achievements in college, and he hasn't grown in height since, or after that. He is not tall, but gets the job done. I want to throw up every time I read about how he's not tall enough to see down the field. He was an absolute general in that Patriots comeback, and then gets bashed for this game. I don't get it. I think Matt H.-Whitehurst permanently scarred the fanbase, even after CPJ got destroyed in that Browns game. If the Niners gave Alex Smith 8 years, and he is still starting, can we give RW more than 6 games? Dont listen to schmucks who keep asking about Flynn, who is a luxury right now for us to have on the bench. Yeah, we gave 24 mil...ONLY 10 guaranteed...and yeah that 5 mil against the cap hurts, but we are sitting on a talent (RW) that if we can keep healthy, will be the face of this franchise. I like that he doesnt run, he always looks to pass. He will keep himself healthy this way (Mike Vick anyone?) Don't get me wrong, there are plays where I am tearing my hair out because he has an easy run and doesn't take it, but trust me, it will pay off. Defenses will not respect his run, and he will break out long gains soon. When Turbin dropped that easy pass, I already knew that first series was over. He promptly overthrew or underthrew the very next pass. Things like that mess with a psyche, and couple that him being a rookie..well, we all know what happened.He will continue t make some bad reads, sometimes go for the homerun pass when he had a easy completion for first down. If he makes them like the Rice bomb last week, we all go nuts. But if he misses his target, and throws a incompletion or interception, he wasn't doing it to help other team. You gotta live and die with your qb.

    3.) Alex Smith is a joke. When the Niners come back to Clink, we will destroy them. We all know that we should've been up 14-6 at the very least, and that we needed every point we could muster. We will remember this loss when they come to Seattle, and thats when we take the West back. The players will remember, and all the fans in Clink will remember as well. That game is going to be ridiculously loud.If everything works the way it should, cards and rams will go to the wayside. We should win all those three division games at home, and the Niner blowout will be the icing on the cake. Rams the following week should also be an easy win. I was shocked at how our running d got exposed, but I am glad it happened. I thought our d was shiptight, and I think this is our only weakness. Growing pains, we just gotta be patient.

    4.)Sorry for the length, didnt think it would be this long. That's all, go hawks, and enjoy the weekend.
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Re: Couple Days later and loss stings less
Sat Oct 20, 2012 12:34 am
  • I found it terribly difficult to disagree with any word you wrote.

    Preach on Brother!

    "Shaquem Griffin tells ESPN after he got drafted by Seattle; 'I can't breathe.' That's the only time you'll hear him say he can't do something." - Dan Wetzel via Twitter.
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  • I credit SF's success in the run game in the 2nd half to fatigue, coupled with game planning to stop VD. Our guys were gassed.

    The ship is still upright. That will be proved in Detroit.
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Re: Couple Days later and loss stings less
Sat Oct 20, 2012 10:16 am
  • Great post, and glad to be on this board. I'm a lifelong Wolfpack fan and have been a Chargers Supporter since 2006 going to several games a year home and away. I've actually been pleasantly surprised at the lack of Wilson bashing, I can honestly tell you the Bolt fans are much tougher on their Quarterbacks! Of course with the epic fail Rivers pulled on Monday night its understandable.

    Russell is only going to get better, and your'e exactly right that the big runs are coming, he's doing his best to play within the system, and most of all avoid the big mistakes. With the slam the door defense you have it's exactly what he needs to be doing. In time I believe he will be a star in this league. And he'll do it the right way, without losing games because of poor decisions and panic plays.

    The Seahawks are in the highly enviable postion of having 3 Division games left at home, and should be at least slight favorites in all 3.

    Anyhoo, glad to be here, can't wait to make my first trip to the greatest homefield in football! :th2thumbs:
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Re: Couple Days later and loss stings less
Sat Oct 20, 2012 10:30 am
  • I simply turned the game off. I am not going to put myself through the agony of watching subpar, crappy play and get all fired up. I have done screamed at my TV enough since 1980.

    If they want to play like quitters, then I say, "Let them quit" - I am not going to support it.

    If they fought until the end and were simply outplayed by a better team but still played their best, then I have nothing bad to say.

    Bottom line is that the Seahawks played BAD, and Thursday's Seahawks are not worth the heated emotion from me.
    It was a catch.
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Re: Couple Days later and loss stings less
Sat Oct 20, 2012 12:11 pm
  • It really came down to dropped passes. The Hawks played bad enough to win the game with just a couple more catches or good enough to win with a couple more catches depending on perspective. Even Tate dropped and he didn't drop any last season. Charlie Martin needs to play more. He has the surest hands on the team.
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