Dropped passes, forced passes or both?

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Dropped passes, forced passes or both?
Fri Oct 19, 2012 3:39 pm
  • Ok, does anyone have a link to the in-completions for this game? My impressions were that the receivers dropped a lot of wide open balls thrown their way but also dropped a few catches that were a bit tougher but still definitely catch able.

    A friend is saying that with the exception of the Tate, Turbin and Evan Moore drops, the rest are because Wilson was forcing passes to receivers that should not even have been thrown.

    I did not DVR this game and have no way of watching each of the drops to see if he is right or not.
    Would love some of the X's and O's guys to comment.

    It seems to me that if you have position on the DB and are able to get your hands on the ball, a pro receiver comes down with that every time.

    I don't seem to recall any passes thrown into tight coverage where the play was broken up by the DB. I remember tight coverage were the WR flat out didn't make a play.

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  • Drops. :|
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  • Simply just drops. There were a couple that looked tough but the replay showed that, hey, the guy had both hands tightly wrapped around the ball. Until he let go.
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  • Part of being a QB is the ability to make stick throws into tight windows. Within that, there are some throws that are good tries (e.g. the first-down pass to Baldwin early Thursday), some throws that shouldn't be tried (e.g. Wilson's deep floater to a plodding Braylon in triple coverage, his pick-6 to McCoy vs Carolina - even if thrown to the right shoulder, McCoy wasn't clear enough), and throws whose wisdom depends on the accuracy.

    Wilson had some passes to closely covered receivers during the Patriots game that were good throws because he put them where onlythe receiver could get them. They weren't ill-advised throws just because defenders were close, or even draped all over them.
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