Unwavering Optimism....part 2

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Unwavering Optimism....part 2
Fri Oct 19, 2012 1:12 pm
  • After a tough loss to a team every Hawk fan knows we could've won, it's easy to react with that gut wrenching sick filling that maybe this team STILL isn't who really really thought they would be. I personally felt the same way after the Rams and the Cardinals as I think many of the fans on here did as well. After seven games this year I just can't help but still have an incredible amount of optimism left. Here's a couple of reasons why-

    -This team is just plain exciting to watch. It seems like we are within reach every single game of a win and having the constant contention in every single game makes us special.

    -I absolutely love the progression of this team especially in contrast to this team this time last year. We had ugly losses to the Niners and Stealers. The Falcons game started us questioning Carrol. We got a little overly amped of a Giants victory. A humbling loss to an aweful Browns game. That team seemed to lack the passion and ability to stay and comeback in games. Even with the losses this year we seem to eliminate our mistakes the next game. Prime example this year would be the lack of penalities. Obviously 3rd down conversions and opponents stops are still a continuing problem but I'd be shocked if that isn't corrected within the next few weeks.

    -Russel Wilson is a gamer. It's easy to say this kid doesn't have "it" after every bad performance but it really seems a little silly to get down on a rookie QB for having a bad day when the best in the game have perfomances like this every season. The dynamic this kid brings to the field along with his beautiful deep throws make him so fun to watch. Plus you can just tell this kid is gonna give his heart and soul to this team every week. After every interview I see Russel does, he always seems to add "GO HAWKS" at the end. It's a small gesture but it just kinda shows his commitment to the team. Kinda reminds me of when Matt would just sacrifice his body to throw blocks up the field back in the day. A competitors heart. This kid is special and more of us should really support him and have a bit more patience with his development.

    -After a 3rd divisional lost should we be worried. Short answer is no. We still can sweep the Rams, Cards, and Niners at Home. NONE of these teams will be "doormats" like in past, meaning this division, as tough as it is, could easily split wins and losses at home and away. I'm just not worried that the Niners will steam roll the Cards or even the Rams at home. It's possible but I don't think so. Their is alot of season left to go and we probably won't really know how it's gonna shape up until the last few games. It's gonna be interesting.

    Finally, we may not be a "championship caliber" team quite yet but I know we have a championship type attitude and in the modern NFL anything is possible. We may not all agree that a freak after every ugly loss is really warranted but I think we all can agree that this a team with a high ceiling and until we are completely 100% out of the playoff picture, their is no such thing as no HOPE. Of course that's just my opinion, I could be wrong.
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Re: Unwavering Optimism....part 2
Fri Oct 19, 2012 1:22 pm
  • Most of the Chicken Littles won't be satisfied by anything less than going 16-0 regular season, through the playoffs with all shutout victories where the QB throws for 600 yards and the RB runs for 200 yards per game average.

    And even when we did that, they'd expect a repeat.

    So much football left in the season.
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