If it wasn't for Haushka, Seattle would hardly ever score...

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  • anthony4r wrote:

    we were winning in spite of the offense not doing anything, besides yesterday they didn't drop passes. who is throwing in the towel have you watched all of the games I not saying he is bad are good, but to say he is the reason we have 4 wins is foolish.

    Well of course it takes a team to win, I am just saying he has done good enough to help us get those wins, especially wins against teams that nobody thought we would win. I am just seeing too many bi-polar "Seahawk fans" on the forum today. They get all excited and kool-aidish when we win, but when we lose one game they are ready to "throw in the towel". Don't get me wrong, I understand the high emotions after a loss, but thats why I usually don't post until the next day. I'm not ready to point the finger at Wilson, he has been pretty exceptional at times.
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  • I remember during the Panthers(?) game when some poster made a comment that maybe Wilson chose the number 3 because he loves field goals. haha
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