Am I the only one feeling this way this morning?

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  • To me last nights game was under the worst possible circumstances (unless the 49ers were on the East Coast and we had to travel to them). We had a chance in the first half to grab a hold of that game and take control.

    I don't care what folks say about Russell, those passes were right on the money. He can't catch them for the receivers. The INT was a poor throw, bottom line, but that stuff happens.

    The thing to me is that Russell didn't lose confidence even on the last three and out. He is a leader. He is tenacious.

    Furthermore, I see folks calling us fanboys if we support Wilson. That we are not willing to hear criticism. The fact is, our coaching staff has decided to go with a rookie. If our fanbase focuses on the negatives with our rookie QB, and we all just have a hate fest on him, then we take a chance on helping to create a hostile work environment for him.

    I like Matt Flynn. If he were starting I would support him. Eventually he may get a chance due to injury, anyway, and I will gladly support him.

    I like both of our QB's. I feel we could have a future with either of them. Honestly, with TJack, I didn't feel like we had a future with him. When you get to that point with a player it is just better to move on.

    Go Hawks!!
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  • This team needs to learn how to win games on the road, sounds familiar. They definitely had there chances to do hat last night.
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  • Seahawk Sailor wrote:Yep. This is it. Plus throw in the fact folks would probably be singing a different tune were even a few more balls caught. Even one or two, likely. If Turbin hangs onto that pass for 7 instead of 3, we're at a 10-13 deficit if the game is played out exactly the same, with all the rest of the drops. That's a field goal difference, instead of playing with the mentality we needed the touchdown. Add a catch on that 3rd and 2 pass when we were on the 49ers 43 yard line and driving in the third quarter, and it's probably another three points at least.

    This game was a very close game, likely decided by a couple key drops, in a short week game on the road against an opponent that is one of the very best in the league. There are still areas of concern, but to think we took a step back isn't really the case.

    Plus we had a missed FG in there.
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  • Throwdown wrote:Just, I don't know what to say! And its not speachlessness, its like i'm almost demoralized as a fan lol, just when you thought the passing game took a step forward, it took about 800 steps back, and the defense while good as all hell, still needs some work.

    No Throwdown, I'm am right there with you. That's exactly how I'm feeling -- listless, almost passionless in a way. I've actually been avoiding posting anything (even to vent), haven't listened to the Sports Radio Post-Mortem or anything like that I guess because it feels like the Niners made such a statement last night in the 2nd Half. I don't care what the score said at the end of the game -- it felt more like 35-6. With the way that those guys gashed us with the trap play time and time again ... and with how they just put the clamps on this offense ... it just felt like they BEAT ... US ... UP. I'll eventually get back on the horse and point 'er straight ahead towards Detroit though.
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  • Im proud, the defense made some great stops when needed. We played against the best team in the league on the road and gave them all they wanted.

    Hold your head UP !!!!!

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