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  • • The D: We simply have the best DB’s in football. Though I have no idea how the D let Gore run all over them with Smith at QB who can’t hit a barn with a pass if he were standing in the barn. The Hawks O line looked hung over from the Pats game. The 9ers stood them up and blew them out. PC said he is disappointed in the D…(13 points allowed)..Really Pete? Your receivers are standing around like T-ball players in the outfield and you are disappointed in the D?

    • The O: Wilson is all that. He simply did a great job. Bar one bad decision his accuracy is amazing. If that kid had just one decent slot receiver he would win every game. The Beast was the offense yesterday, unlike Gore Lynch earned every yard. Without the beast the hawks had no offense at all last evening.
    • And a special note on our receivers and TE’s. All season they have looked, and acted like children trying to sneak a cookie from the kitchen. Aside from Rice who will fight to get open, and is upset when things are not going good (he is the only one who seems to give a Shit) the rest are getting their butts kicked by every DB in the league, and their little sisters. I saw them standing like deer in the headlights with a DB in their back pocket while Wilson was running for his life. Fight to get open or go sit you’re A.. down. Perhaps PC should play the DB's back to back for a bit?

    Good news is we get the NFC west in our house soon :3:
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  • good take... can we clone welker...
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  • Forget cloning welker, just trade for him straight up.
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