I'll grudgingly accept this loss because...

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  • It has already been talked about that not many realistically felt we could pull the hat trick and beat both the patriots and the 49ers in 4 days. this team is very physical and talented, but the current growth of the offense was exposed by the 49ers d. This is not to say that I expect many more, or any more for that matter, games like this from the O.

    The D did an excellent job for as long as they could. Excellent first half and Wilson actually was playing well I felt.

    This brings me to the first goat of this game...the recievers. There were plenty of very catcheable balls that they did not haul in...if those catches are made, I am fully confident that would have changed the entire complexion of the ballgame.

    My second goat is Wilson, but not really due to it being his fault we lost. He has been making great strides and there has been more of a rapport built up with the recievers and he has had more and more confidence and poise week in and week out. He had not faced a defense as good as the 49ers and as much lightning as he seemed to be finding iin that bottle, you can't always count on that happening every game...especially since the 49er d is so dominant. Wilson had almost no help from his recievers and with the way that the game was going I think that he definately pushed too much to make something happen. That throw to Edwards was very uncharacteristic of what we have seen from Wilson. He almost never makes those kind of careless throws..but he is a ROOKIE. I am sure he just felt like he had to make something happen and was not getting really any help, in the form of receptions. The run game was going nicely until it all really broke down, but I think, clearly, Wilson losing confidence in his recievers/49ers able to just key in on Wilson when the Hawks had to go into mostly throw mode was a pretty big factor.

    The D...they held out as long as they could..made some mistakes late...but really to start the 2nd half, the coaching staff really did nothing to match the adjustments that the 49'ers O made and that was the third biggest factor I felt in how the game ultimately turned out.

    I expect that this will be a much improved offense going into the end of the season...aside from the bears and our other division rivals there aren't really any really great defenses they will be going up against and that will allow wilson to really continue his progression after this setback. I am also very confident that he will already have his mind set to really go through all of the film from the game, really evaluate his performance..where he came up short...what he can do to improve from this bad evening..and he will tuck it away in whatever way he does, and when that next game with the 49'ers comes...he is going to be a much better player and I believe that it will be a completely different performance from tonight...I also think that he will really focus in and see what it is he can do to perform well as consistently on the road as he does at home.

    I am still very excited to see how this season plays out and while I am bummed about this loss I am already looking ahead to detroit and the 11 days of anticipation of the Hawks getting the bad taste out of their mouths from this loss will be mindnumbing.

    but actually in all was my fault they lost...poised to watch the 9 month old nephew threw up on my lucky seahawks shirt and I had to change and put it in the wash...from there..though I was too clueless to know it..the battle had already been lost.
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