Time to get real. Offense has more (& bigger) probs than QB

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  • WR, Pass protection, propensity for penalties. The QB isn't all world, and needs to be allowed time to grow. But he isn't the biggest problem right now. The offense is FAR from a finished product, has many holes to fill, and isn't even close enough to good enough to freak over just the qb. If everything on the offense was great, and a qb was causing it to fail, that's one thing. I'm sorry, but you could put a lot of playoff qb's on this team, and we wouldn't instantly be putting up a ton of points. If you want to think Wilson is the reason that Russell Okung and Breno Giacomini are getting beat so bad on pass protection, that they have to tackle their guys, then I got nothing to say to you. If you think it's Wilson that caused 10 drops today, I got even less. If you think that way, have at it. But I will kindly ignore your utter nonsense.

    In summary. We have successfully built our defense. But still have a long way on offense. Don't be ignorant enough to think that one player on offense can fix all of the holes. One player didn't do it for the defense. Same is the case for the O. Just because we got one side of the ball figured out, doesn't mean we are in "WE MUST WIN A SUPER BOWL NOW!" mode. We have 50% of the equation. Time to properly build the other. There are no shortcuts. If you want to be silly enough to think such exist on the Seahawks bench, you clearly aren't paying attention, or don't understand what you're watching.

    All in all, it sucks that we're not as good as we want to be right now. But it's reality. Time to get real. Time to be honest with ourselves. One great half of a team does not mean the other half of the team should be built haphazardly or hastily.

    Go Seahawks.
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  • i agree, the whole offense is pretty pathetic besides the running game. but the QB is making it worse imo, look at all those alex smith check downs to rbs, when his wr's couldnt get open to save their life. Russell Wilson only had maybe 1 check down, he didnt throw 1 pass over the middle of the field all game. but yes Pass pro. and WR is a problem aswell.
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  • I am starting to see a disturbing trend, and that is no checkdown to backs over the middle.

    He is always hitting them in the flats. I'm wondering is this is a vision thing, or if his height is affecting him.
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  • I hate to sound overly dramatic, but I think we need a serious retooling of the offense. Miller is fantastic, we should be targeting him more than twice per game. Wilson can take deep shots, and that's great, but when it's the only thing the offense can do you get crap like tonight's 40% completion rating. Our entire offense is set up like Wilson needs six seconds to throw the ball every time, and it's just not going to work long term. Rice is easily our best receiver, why is he only getting 4 of 23 targets? I don't really know what they can do, but it seems to me like we really need to work on getting the ball to our best playmakers, and get Wilson some higher percentage throws.

    And spend about 48 hours making the receivers catch balls. Wet balls. Covered in grease. Exactly how many games are we going to win by dropping 25% of the balls that are thrown? the only true bright spot on this entire offense was Lynch, and even he dropped one on us. :(
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