We are gonna destroy the 49ers backup O-lineman

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  • But not in the way you might think when as I said in my title.

    There is two sides to playing offensive lineman, folks. One is pass blocking, one is run blocking. For most teams, we should care about how good we do against defeating their pass pro, but when playing the 9ers, IT IS ESSENTIAL WE DO NOT LET THEM RUN BLOCK WELL. Now, people may say we don't do well against scrub lineman and such, but look again. One example I like to point to is the Cardinals game. Granted, we didn't sack the QB left and right, only once if I recall correctly. But they couldn't run the ball for 2 yards to save their life, which made them extraordinarily one dimensional until Kolb short passed us to death in relief of Skelton.

    In this 9ers game, it is more vital our lineman dominate in the run than the pass, due to our secondary being very consistent. If they can't run with Frank Gore and Kendall Hunter, how many points they gonna score with Alex Smith carrying the team?
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