Anyone else feeling really excited for Turbin?

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  • Turbin is making the most of his opportunities. I love the kid and am anticipating him making a big play very, very soon.
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  • I want to see a lot of Turbin in the 4th quarter tonight. SF looked beat in the 4th against the Giants and that was when the Giants little RB really started getting some good gains (he would get stuffed 1 run, and then break off 2 for 10+ yards each). Turbin hits the hole like the Giants RB, and I think it will be really good to see him rip into a tired 49er sqaud.
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  • It appears to me that many are deciding we need a change at RB after the game last sunday where the Pats made it their life's goal in that game to contain Lynch and with some help from our offensive line they accomplished their goal

    If we're going to be a running team we need to be able to get our yards against ANY team. I doubt the ninners use that approach after seeing what Wilson can do if you leave one on one receivers downfield.

    Like us the ninners are good at stopping the run with only their standard D line. But still Lynch did pretty well against them last season and I see him getting his yards this week.

    Like us the ninners play a balanced game and will not take the chance to limit one phase of their game over another like NE did.

    On to week two. Week one was not a fluke!
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  • I love Lynch. I just don't want to run him into the ground. IF we can get him 20 touches (including catches) and Turbo 7-10 touches- runs/catches than I think that's the right recipe and would showcase both players.

    There was a drive or 2 last game where Turbin had a few good catches and a few good runs. I like that he's contributing this so much and I hope we can use him more mainly so we can have fresh legs when the playoffs start. I firmly beleive the Hawks will make it this year.
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  • themunn wrote:part of turbin's success comes directly from Lynch's tough running style that tires out D-Linemen and Linebackers, allowing Turbin to use his speed to take advantage.
    He's like a "lightning back", except he's got the size to add a little bit of thunder on his own

    This is where I come out on this as well. Sort of like the Maurice Morris effect, where the change of pace back comes in and has a gaudy YPC, although I like Turbin's size and tackle-shedding much more than Mo. I don't think it happens, though, without Lynch pounding away. And while we know Lynch can do it without Turbin, we have no idea what Turbin would do without a Lynch (and I don't want to find out).

    Turbin does excite me though, in his role. His hands are what excite me most, I really wish we were seeing more swing passes or screens to this kid, especially against teams that have an aggressive pass rush.
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  • EastCoastHawksFan wrote:Turbins got some great hands . But Lynch is on a different scale.

    I won't be surprised for him to get a series like he did sunday but Lynch is the workhorse.

    This. Turbin is great and has a bright future. He has done everything asked of him, and I would even like to see him get some more snaps.

    But Lynch is the man - and one of the league's best RBs. Turbin just isn't on that level yet.
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  • i love me some lynch. i like seeing Turbin getting carries.. we use lynch way too much, that's going to get him injured.. turbin has god hands coming out of the back field, would like to see us getting more success with those screens.. he is quick quick, and fast, great compliment to lynch.. i say continue to use lynch as main back, but more plays for turbin if anything to reduce lynch's carries and chances of getting injured. he already has a bad back remember.
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  • russell wilson hasnt been good throwing screens , always seems hesitant and then its bad.
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  • I love our backfield right now. I think Lynch is a better back at this point, no doubt about it. This backfield has the potential to be scary good by season's end. I also think Turbin directly benefits by Lynch softening up the D. I think Lynch could do well being the featured back as well, but we don't need him to be. Lynch also rarely fumbles, it seems.

    I just couldn't wish for a better backfield. It's kind of like they got going on in Carolina where both of their backs have good speed with some size. If you use to backs you can extend the prime of both backs.

    Love what we have going on...
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  • I've been keeping a close eye on the rook since his first carries in preseason. Initially, I was not totally stoked with the pick, but after watching his progress, I am 100% sold on him. I too think he brings a different element to the offense. I don't necessarily believe he's better than ML, but I do believe we need to work him into no less than a dozen touches per contest.

    The problem with this is that I am sure Lynch feels just the opposite. Backs like Lynch typically get stronger, or at least they feel they do, as the game goes on. Lynch has proven without a doubt he is on a qwest for greatness and getting paid has had no (negative) impact on his weekly performance. I doubt he cares that Turbin will actually help to extend his career and I doubt he'd be happy with a reduced role on this winning team. Carroll will have to figure something out because Turbin needs more playing time. You just know he's gonna' break one. Hopefully tonite.
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