Aros' Fearless Prediction Thread (Seahawks @ 49ers)

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  • Hawks 19

    Niners 16

    Where can I find
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  • Seeing as we "normally" play like crap in games away from our home venue, especially against good teams, I predict:

    Niners 27

    Seahawks 13

    But I have a feeling it could be worse than that. Though if we do win, it's always sweeter when you were expecting to a few games recently!

    Funny though... a buddy of mine from work who's a major 9ers fan thinks the Seahawks are gonna win. I hope he's right!

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  • I think this actually turns into a fantastic game.

    Frank Gore early on is stuffed by the run and Alex Smith is knocked out in the 2nd quarter. Thanks to a fake field goal (so very uncharacteristic) the Seahawks lead at the half 7-0. Seahawks drive down the field on the first drive of the second half to take a 14-0 lead before Kaepernick is able to get into scoring range 3 times in a row. 14-13. Late in the fourth quarter Seahawks drive down before a fumble at mid field. SF recovers and once again 4 plays, 2 yards and the Hawks kneel it out.

    Seahawks 14-13 final.
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  • It's a tough one but we pull it out in the end.

    (My 3rd prediction)
    Seattle - 21
    San Fransisco - 10

    RTD: 2-0
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  • I'm going with my heart not reality this week ...

    Seattle 17
    San Francisco 16

    Record to date 4-2.
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  • Bracing for a let down tomorrow. I just have a bad feeling about this one.

    I would love to be wrong.
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  • I'm actually with you Aros. Every time I say "I have a bad feeling about this" we come out and win.

    I'm not saying it, as when you invoke Murphy's Law on purpose, it goes the opposite way.

    I seriously do think that we don't quite win this game against a very good Niners defense

    Seahawks 6
    49ers 9
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  • Nervous about this game but think the D gets a TD and we pull it out.
    Seahawks 20
    Whiners 17
    GO HAWKS!!!!!!!!!
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  • 2-0 Hawks :mrgreen:
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  • I concede nothing.

    Hawks win 56-0
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  • This offense CAN score touchdowns now. I don't care if it was against the Pats.

    24-21 Hawks in another close game.

    Record to date 2-4
    Go Hawks!
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  • San Fran won't be able to move the ball much against our defense. Vernon Davis is the only one that scares, but that's only 1/11 guys on the field for them. I won't predict a shutout (I'm saving that for the Jets) but I don't think they reach the endzone. Our offense continues to improve. RW goes 15/24 for 190 yards and a TD, Lynch touches the ball 25 times and runs for 115 yards and a touchdown, Hauschka adds 2 field goals.

    Hawks win 20-9. :49ersmall:
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  • I hate that i am doing this, but Niners win. 21-6.

    Record to date, 4-2
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  • We won last week when I said we would win 14-2 with the only scores in the game being,

    Seahawks 14
    49ers 2

    Seahawks 14 comes on 7 safeties.... my brotha!
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  • I admit to not having participated in these threads but having about a 50% track record this season.

    24-14 Seahawks

    Alex Smith gets hit in the mouth and takes 2 sacks from Clem and 1 from BRUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCE
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  • 49ers 23
    Seahawks 3

    Unfortunately my record to date is 5-1. My only miss: I thought the Patriots would overwhelm our defense. I was wrong. Hopefully I'm wrong about the Niners game. But they are good and we're playing them on their turf. So, we'll see...
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  • Loving 4 and 2 at this point...our offense had gotten a spark to beat the Pats.
    That was at home though. 3 and three at predictions, I hate when we lose.
    I dont see us rushing much against the 9ers and Bevell wont be prepared.

    So I pick us to win as a superstition.......9ers 9 and Seahawks 12.
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  • Seahawks just don't play as well on the road as they do at home.

    Seattle Seahawks 16
    San Francisco 49ers 21

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  • Seahawks win 19-17

    Record to date: 3-3
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  • BlueThunder wrote:Seeing as we "normally" play like crap in games away from our home venue, especially against good teams, I predict:

    Niners 27

    Seahawks 13

    But I have a feeling it could be worse than that. Though if we do win, it's always sweeter when you were expecting to a few games recently!

    Funny though... a buddy of mine from work who's a major 9ers fan thinks the Seahawks are gonna win. I hope he's right!

    That result would really surprise me. I think we have the defense to hang with the 49ers, and the only reason the game last year got away from us was the special teams flubs in the 4th quarter. I think this will turn out much like most of our other games this season and be decided by a single score, and I could see either team winning.

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  • Head:

    Seahawks 20
    Niners 21

    Defense and offense contribute to a tight game but I don't see us getting over the psychological hurdle of playing a tough game on the road.


    Seahawks 27
    Niners 10

    Hah! We've got momentum, we improve every week, and we're pissed about being written off! We score 20 unanswered in the 2nd half to run away with it!
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  • The special comebacks and magic of Russell Wilson stop tonight (at least for one week). Harbaugh has never lost 2 games in a row, let alone at home. They are a pissed team right now with a lot more to prove than the Hawks. Hopefully will be close though.

    Whiners 17
    Hawks 16
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  • This is one of those games where I don't think we will be able to score enough points to win. D will be solid and keep them pretty well contained. But, our O is improving and this is the best we have faced - it will be a lesson for us

    SF - 17
    Seattle - 13
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  • Everytime we expect one thing, we get something completely unexpected.

    Pete opens up playbook, and its subsequent can of whooparse,

    Seahawks - 31
    49ers - 17
    We are the 2014 Superbowl champions and it can never, ever be taken away.
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