One thing I am confident about in the 9ers game....

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  • That we should hold their O to under 21 points (I know..... Lofty expectations). We don't allow people to run on us, and if they don't run on us, I don't think they can pass on us.

    If O comes up big we can win!!!!!! :thirishdrinkers: :thirishdrinkers: :thfight7: :thfight7: :thfight7: :th2thumbs: :th2thumbs: :th2thumbs: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
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  • Any time you play a defense a good as S.F. it comes down to making the most of your opportunities and being able to throw the football. I honestly have never had much respect for Alex Smith and I do think RW has the ability to outplay him. I don't expect a big game from Marshawn but as hard as he runs i know he will give us a chance to keep them off balance somewhat if we can throw on them. I think our D can easily hold their offense to 14 or less. Gonna be a slugfest but this is a must win for us. We lose this game it really hurts us in the long run for the division. One good thing about this though is at least we will have all of our road Division games out of the way =D.
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  • The most important thing the Giants did was take away Davis. Their wideouts aren't that accomplished and aren't getting seperation. This all plays into our defensive scheme. Play man on man and rush 5. They had a real hard time when they were in the redzone, and you know how stingy we are. I believe if we press Smith he will start to wilt just like against the Giants. We have alot of confidence and they don't going into this game.
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