Another "The Hawks Didn't Win" Article

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  • D did nothing? Two of our DB's tied you in receptions and beat you in yards, O and Tommy was throwing to you not them. lol smh
    "When is the NFL going to start fining receivers for running routes across KAM’S MIDDLE?!?!"
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  • SharkHawk wrote:I'm not real big on the "We get no respect card" as we got plenty in 2005. Win... you get it. But this article by Tom Curran is a big old pile of dog crap. Especially this line followed by the biggest load I've ever seen in my life. I knew there was a reason I always thought Branch was a d-bag even when he was a Hawk. The guy is de-f-ing-lusional.


    This was the Patriots. Screwing up.

    "They didn't do nothing," said Deion Branch. "Everything, all the mistakes made on the field were by us. They were self-inflicted mistakes. As the game went on, they really didn't do anything to stop us. The flags, the interceptions, the dropped balls, things of that nature. That's stuff that we control." ... eedID=3352

    Probably not intended, but doesn't "didn't do nothing" actually mean the Seahawks did do something?
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  • I don't see what the big deal is it's just the typical "hater's gonna hate" article.'s all about that action boss....
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