"First sign of the Seahawkalypse"

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"First sign of the Seahawkalypse"
Mon Oct 15, 2012 10:43 am

Re: "First sign of the Seahawkalypse"
Mon Oct 15, 2012 10:59 am
  • Yep...and we have the Four Horsemen of BOOM!! :lol:
    "Make good teams look bad and make bad teams look terrible!" -Michael Robinson
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Re: "First sign of the Seahawkalypse"
Mon Oct 15, 2012 11:08 am
  • That was 100% on Brady.

    Guys like Brady make mistakes, sure, but games like this, at points like that, Brady beats you. So when he doens't beat you, on several occasions, in the red zone where your team thrives all year, then it's NOT 100% on Brady.

    He got beat, plain and simple. It's 100% on Earl Thomas and the Legion of Boom.

    I kinda like that: The Four Horsemen of the SeaHawkalypse.
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